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SMW 17: Magewell's Darryl Spangler Talks 4K Live Capture

Magewell's Darryl Spangler and Streaming Media's Tim Siglin discuss 4K live capture and Magewell's Streaming Media Reader's Choice-winning solutions in this interview from Streaming Media West 2017.

Tim Siglin: Welcome back to Streaming Media West 2017. I’m Tim Siglin, contributing editor with and Media Strategy Principal at ReelSolver Inc. Today I have with me Darryl Spangler from Mobile Video Devices, which represents Magewell in the US. And for that representation today, one of the Magewell products won a Reader's Choice Award. What is the award that you all won?

Darryl Spangler: It's actually for our USB products, our Capture Plus series.

Tim Siglin: Okay. And you went up against Epiphan and Osprey. Magewell, of course, is a Chinese company. They've had pretty decent success in the US based on what you all have done. I've seen you at a number of shows. What's special about this set of boxes versus, say, the last round of USB capture devices that you had?

Darryl Spangler: Yeah. There are a couple of differences. When you look at it, everyone liked our original products, but especially for the SDI, they said, "Well, instead of having a cable, could you put the end on at the end of the unit?" We said, "Sure. We could do that, but you're gonna have to make it a little bigger."

Tim Siglin: That's right. You had the little dongle before and it was the really tiny SDI to regular SDI.

iDarryl Spangler: Right. And then they said, "That's great, but can you do a loop-through?” So, we came out and did a loop-through. And as we're talking to more people, they said, "Well, can you give us a line in, line out audio?" So we did that.

Tim Siglin: So essentially what you've got is the USB, the SDI in, the loop-through, and then the audio in and out. What's the basic price point of this box?

Darryl Spangler: And this is the 4K version. For this one, the list price is $459, and the 2K lists for $359.

Tim Siglin: Okay. And it's a 12G SDI, is that right?

Darryl Spangler: No. This is a 6G.

Tim Siglin: 6G. Okay. Very nice. What other flavors does this come in besides the 2K and the 4K?

Darryl Spangler: We have two different models of the 4K. We have an HDMI with a loop-through and then the SDI. And then for our regular Capture Plus, we have a DVI, and HDMI, and then an SDI.

Tim Siglin: Okay. And on the HDMI for 4K, is that a HDMI 1.4, 2.0?

Darryl Spangler: 1.4.

Tim Siglin: 1.4. Okay. Very good. So, is this the first you guys have won a Reader's Choice Award?

Darryl Spangler: Yes, it is.

Tim Siglin: Well, congratulations. Darryl, thank you very much for your time.

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