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Remote Production with NewTek Live Call Connect

NewTek's Chris Burgos explains how NewTek Live Call Connect and NDI 5 enable heightened engagement for multi-guest remote production in this clip from his presentation at Streaming Media Connect 2021.

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Learn more about remote production at Streaming Media West 2021.

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Chris Burgos: As we're talking about remote productions, we have a lot of things that are very basic. We have a lot of Zoom meetings, Teams meetings. This has been the last year plus of our lives as we're doing this content and we really want to make this more engaging. And so we have this new software in TC2 called Live Call Connect, and it's really easy to use. It'll take the given meeting room, let's say Zoom or Teams, or what have you, and convert up to nine callers into individual signals into our switcher. So now instead of having to worry about some of the issues that we traditionally encounter, when we're doing like a screen scrape or something like that, what we, instead of get in our production pipeline is a bunch of individuals that we can now work with as individual sources. That allows us to change the presentations we're making.

And I think if we combine this concept with NDI 5, you'll start to see that when you're working in NDI ecosystem, working with a TriCaster is the best that you can have. The Live Call Connect feature set is exclusive to the TC2, which is a 32-input 4K switcher, so the number of NDI sources you can push into this device is very large.

Today, Live Call Connect works with a couple of virtual meeting platforms. We can work with Teams. We can work with Zoom, Discord, tencent and that list is not fixed. And the whole idea here is we've made this easy. Nine callers, a mix minus, and talkback to that channel. So you don't have to do any sophisticated audio controls when you're working with Live Call Connect.

But where this really, really ties together is, when we're working with a TriCaster, we now have the ability to work with local sources, audio, web feeds, SRT, remote sources, remote guests. The variety of ways that we can grab content is so large with some of the things we talked about in NDI5--things like Live Call Connect. There are a lot of ways to get somebody from anywhere, whether it'd be on their cellphone, on their laptop, or otherwise. Into your TriCaster's production pipeline. And then at that point, now you're leveraging the switcher that is built upon NDI, because we at NewTek created NDI. This is our baby. But now we have the ability to stream this content, do remote delivery of this content, distribute it. We can have comms and postproduction pipelines. It really all ties together neatly when you're working with a TriCaster.

And so I think if you've been dabbling in NDI, or using an NDI product already--whether it be a switcher, a converter, or what-have-you ,software--I think it is a good time to be looking at what NewTek is doing on the product side and potentially integrate that into your entire production.

And last but not least, because we are doing all of this stuff with remote enablements, the TriCaster series all have a KVM feature, so it can be any event anywhere. And you can interface with your TriCaster. You can bring in your remote guests, you don't even have to be onsite with your system to leverage this advanced workflow.