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Recommended Tools for Lecture Capture and Streaming

Ohio State's Justin Troyer, UPenn's Christopher Martin and Notre Dame's Eric Nisly discuss their current eLearning solution deployments in this clip from Streaming Media East Connect 2020.

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Justin Troyer: We've got Mediasite deployed at OSU. So we have a handful of rooms that have the hardware appliance in them. But that doesn't scale well to 400+ classrooms. So we've got computers installed in all of those. We're using the desktop client. Aside from that, we're either using Zoom, if it's an interactive call, some people are using Camtasia Studio. We use Explain Everything if it's on an iPad. I don't think we really have a non-Mediasite, single, enterprise-wide solution for doing things like narrated PowerPoints, but those are a handful of the apps that I know are being used in different pockets around campus.

Liam Moran: Does anyone else on the panel have a recommendation?

Christopher Martin: At Penn we use Panopto, which also integrates with our LMS, which is Canvas, and that provides that, functionality. So that's what we've recommended generally for folks who are looking to do recordings of their classes or lectures.

Eric Nisly: We're doing the same thing. Panopto, Recommendation. Zoom, of course, does the record natively if they want to do that. We just hooked Zoom into Panopto integration. So if they do a Zoom call, we're making it to where it can automatically go into Panopto for longterm storage. And then both of those tools also can automatically show up in their LMS. So they can just flip it on for video capture devices. If they're just on their own laptop, we recommend just using a webcam. But in other cases, we also use a Blackmagic Mini Recorder or a couple of different devices--AJA makes a good one. There's a few out there, if you can actually find them in stock. That was one of our issues. When we flipped our studios over, we had to kind of scrounge to find someplace that actually had had a few to sell us. But it's pretty much whatever tool you have is the best tool to use.

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