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Overview: Adobe Spark

Clear Online Video's Stjepan Alaupovic discusses new features for creative quick-turn edits in Adobe Spark.

Welcome to the short overview video on video features with Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark is a design application within the Adobe Creative Cloud suite that allows users to create social graphics, web pages and short videos within minutes. Although Adobe Spark is targeted towards people looking to create quick videos, there are some nice benefits for professional video publishers as well, especially for those of you who need to produce something on the fly.

The application is user-friendly and is included in your Adobe Creative Cloud membership. Spark also works on iOS devices for mobile editing and has a beta version on Android at the time of this recording.

For this overview, we'll be using the website version for easy editing. To start, you'll need to log in with your Adobe credentials and go to the Adobe Spark web page. From there, you can select the plus button at the top of the page and navigate to the Video section in the options. In this section, you'll be prompted to give your project a title. This can also be changed later on.

Next, you can choose to use one of the templates provided by Adobe or you can create your own. Along the way, they give you lots of examples and tutorials that you can use for inspiration. When you're ready to start, you will see the editing application. Here, you can upload videos, photos and other assets from your computer to use within your project. You can quickly add text and icons through the Adobe library.

On the right panel, you can edit four sections of your video project. Starting with the layout section, you're able to choose options such as making your video full screen, split screen, or using other text options. Navigating back up to the Theme section will give you options in choosing different overall looks for the project. These can be based on your brand colors or you can choose other themes offered in the bottom area. Selecting a theme will apply it to your project and you can quickly see previews of what your video looks like.

The Resize section in the upper menu gives you the option to create either a widescreen video or square version that would work on a platform like Instagram. Spark will resize the video for you, which is a nice feature that speeds up the editing process. Finally, the music section lets you choose the music for your video. You can preview any of the tracks by selecting the play button next to each title.

Back in the main editor, you can further customize the look of your video. The theme then generates in placeholders for you, but those can be changed or deleted as you see fit.

The project will automatically be saved to your Adobe account when using Spark. However, you can also download the version of your finished video project so that you can post the video to your social media accounts.

Overall, I really like how simple it is to use this application. There's some real benefits to being able to do something so quickly and still have it look good. Give it a try in your next quick turnaround and see how creative you can get with Adobe Spark. Thanks for watching and be sure to check out my other tutorials here on Streaming Media Producer.

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