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Interview: Tal Tzuk, PetrolBags

Shawn Lam and Tal Tzuk of PetrolBags discuss Petrol's new Deca Airflow Camera Backpack (PC306) for cameras and camcorders up to the size of a Sony PMW-200, plus accessories and and lenses and a 17" laptop.

New Airflow Backpack System

Shawn Lam: It's Shawn Lam for Streaming Media Producer. We're at NAB 2013, and I'm here with Tal from Petrol Bags. In between us is one of his new bags. What can you tell us about this model?

Tal: So this is a PC306. It's a new camera backpack. It was designed for a video camera with accessories, to fit up to Sony PMW-200 size-wise. It has a special thing that we never had before, which is the backpack system. It has a special rainbow shape inside the bag, and a straight mesh to protect the back of the person who carries it from the bag. It actually has a shape where air can go through it and keep its ventilation.

Shawn: So it keeps you cool while you're looking pretty cool, right?

Tal: Exactly. Internally, it has one main compartment, which has enough room for the camera. All the dividers are removable and can be configured according the end-user needs. It has a camera strap to secure the camera.

Shawn: So it's all Velcro, and all the dividers are completely movable. Everything is completely removable. You can take everything off, and then you have a huge space. And there’s another quick access to the back if you use a smaller camera, which is underneath. And then you have a quick access to smaller cameras. And like a lot of the new Petrol bags, there's room put in a business card.

Tal: Exactly. You can take this frame off and either put in the business card, or take some fabric off and print your company's own logo.

Shawn: Monogram it on there. That's very nice.

Tal: And then it looks more professional.

Protecting Your Gear

Shawn: This is a very rigid and sturdy bag. You put a bit of weight on this thing, and it's just not going to compress. It's going to protect your gear really nicely.

Tal: The back part is designed for up to a 17-inch laptop. And mentioning the strengthening of the bags, we invest a lot in this because we believe that the most important issue for the end-user is the protection of the gear inside, and that's the ultimate protection. Sometimes the bag is a little bit heavier than the others, but, still, it's the most protective product on the market.

Pricing and Ship Date

Shawn: Thank you very much, Tal. What's the model number and the price on this bag?

Tal: PC306. It's $285.00 US Dollars.

Shawn: And when it is available?

Tal: It's going to be available end of June.

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