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Flolight Bladelight 36 is the First LED Panel Light that Allows for Cutting and Shaping

Flolight's Kyle Bedford demos the Bladelight 36 for Clear Online Video's Stjepan Alaupovic.

Stjepan: I'm here with Kyle Belford from FloLight. We're talking about the Bladelight. This model here is the Bladelight 36. Kyle, tell us a little bit about it.

Kyle: The Bladelight is the first LED light panel that allows you to cut the light, like a fresnel. It actually also features a lens system, so you can focus the light in on your subject. It's a little bit hard to see, but when I pull the lens up, the light actually goes down exposure-wise. When I put the lens in, it will get hotter. Then by angling the light this way, and we have a gel system with Zircon 810 gels. It creates a soft panel look. They're 96 URI, 98 R9 value, so incredibly high-quality for camera sensors.

We also feature green versions for greenscreens. It gives off a different spectrum of colors than a regular fluorescent light on a greenscreen would. It's a little bit easier for keying. Then we have bi-color versions and tungsten versions over there. V Mount and Anton/Bauer for portability. They're all stackable, top to bottom or end to end.

Stjepan: One of my observations with a lot of LED lighting is it can be really harsh. Talking about some of the softness that this, it's basically just a diffuser panel that's inside of it?

Kyle: If I cut this light off, and bump this one up, it's a lot softer of a light on the person then. If your subject doesn't want to look at a hard light all day long, you can put the diffusion. It's more like a fluorescent at that point, especially in this angle. You're going to be able to basically fill the person around. If you need to do a head to foot shot, you can flip the light this way and put the diffusion in, and really light a person fully that way. It's got 120-degree spread.

Stjepan: You said they're all stackable, so definitely good to use in studio environments.

Kyle: They're a really great for use in studio environments. Actually, we were on a shoot and we were fighting daylight. We had to stack five of these up to make a 5K panel. Then we put the lenses in at 20 degrees, spotted them into a silks on a frame. It literally fought the sunlight all day long.

Stjepan: Thank you so much for your time. If you want to learn more about FloLight and some of their light offerings, check out

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