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First Look: Edelkrone JibPLUS

The new Edelkrone JibPLUS is a new motion control device capable of tracking up to three targets at once

At this year's NAB show, Edelkrone introduced the JibPLUS, a new motion control device capable of tracking up to three targets at once during manual operation of the job arm. 

With the JibPLUS, an operator can keep the camera locked onto a target while moving the jib by automatically adjusting the camera angle using the two-axis head.

The JibPLUS can also make automatic adjustments to the camera’s focus by manually selecting the focal point from two discrete camera positions.

In this interview from NAB 2016, I spoke with Edelkrone's Kadir Koymen about the JibPLUS and got an impromptu demonstration of the device's tracking capability.

To lock in on a target, Koymen said, "I just find him in the frame by using the manual control. I press down, and the system wants me to relocate the Jib and re-target again, because I need to show the target from two different perspectives. That's how it knows where the target is exactly." 

The Edelkrone JibPLUS is due to ship this summer, with pricing TBA.

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