Streaming Media East 2006
The Business & Technology Of Online Video
May 23-24, 2006 - (Preconference Workshops: Monday, May 22)
New York Hilton Midtown • New York, NY
Monday, May 22 Tuesday, May 23 Wednesday, May 24

Pre-Conference - Monday, May 22, 2006

9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
SM1: Hands-On Guide To Webcasting
Hands-On Guide To Webcasting
Work through the five phases of a Webcast: planning, production, encoding, authoring, and distribution with the expert who “wrote the book,” Steve Mack. To add to your real experience, the workshop itself will be treated as a Webcast, with the goal to Webcast live from the workshop. Learn the things to do in when planning a Webcast, Webcast production techniques, about encoding equipment and techniques, and Webcast distribution. Workshop ttendees will be encouraged to participate in the Webcast production to get the full "live" rush.
Speaker: , Author of Hands-On Guide to Webcasting, LUX Media

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SM2: How To Produce Top Quality Flash Content
How To Produce Top Quality Flash Content
Flash has become the technology of choice for many streaming video applications, but the technology is relatively new and there are many production alternatives. This workshop demonstrates the respective quality of the available Flash codecs and encoding tools, and makes specific recommendations by content type and target bandwidth. You will then learn how to produce optimal quality Flash content, including how to choose the most Flash-friendly background and the effectiveness of pre-processing alternatives like noise reduction and de-interlacing. The workshop concludes with a look at how Flash video is produced and used in several business, media, and entertainment applications.
Speaker: , Founder, Streaming Learning Center

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1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
SM3: Videoblogging & Podcasting Tutorial
Videoblogging & Podcasting Tutorial
Video blogs and podcasts are the the newest distribution channels for audiovisual content, combining streaming and downloadable media with the incredibly popular Web log format. This tutorial includes an overview of the technologies and best practices for podcasting and videoblogging, plus a discussion of content formats for different viewing devices and target platforms and all about syndication and RSS. You will also learn about licensing and copyright issues, and advertising, sponsorship, and other potential revenue opportunities.
Speaker: , CEO, Robotarmy
Speaker: , Enterprise Technology Consultant and Editor
SM4: Comparing Streaming Formats And Encoding Tools
Comparing Streaming Formats And Encoding Tools
This workshop is a crash course to help you evaluate and select the right delivery format for your content. Independent streaming media consultant Dale Sorenson will deliver an head-to-head, objective comparison of the latest streaming media formats and CODECs and then vividly demonstrate the pros and cons of each format using with live video demos and the encoding tools discussed. He concludes with tips and techniques about how to achieve the highest possible quality of encoding.
Speaker: , President, Sorenson Media

Day One - Tuesday, May 23, 2006

9:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Keynote: Creating a Broadband Content Service from a Cable Network
How does a cable television network launch a streaming broadband service? It sounds like there should be a punch line next, but Comedy Centralís MotherLoad is a serious business, developed and maintained through companywide partnerships and hard work. Hear how
Comedy Central and MTV Networks develop original broadband series, manage production, and monetize their streaming efforts.
, Vice President, Digital Media, Comedy Central

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9:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Keynote: The Internet and the Transformation of Television Distribution
The television industry is looking at a sweeping transformation that is centered around open distribution on the Internet. It is shifting from a world of geographic constraint, physical distribution, and carrier and operator control to one based on the premise of the open Internet - a world with dramatically more choice and control for consumers and content creators and owners. Brightcove founder and Internet pioneer Jeremy Allaire will speak about these trends and opportunities, painting a picture of the leading innovators and describing a vision of how consumers will experience broadband content in the years to come.
, Chairman and CEO, Brightcove

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10:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Coffee Break - Visit the Exhibit Hall
10:30 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.
A101: Selecting the Right Hardware & Software
Webcasting: Selecting the Right Hardware & Software
When it comes to Webcasting, there are many options when selecting the right hardware and software for audio video capture, encoding, and production. Choosing the best-of-breed capture cards, lighting, audio mixers, and video gear can be daunting. Learn from this panel of seasoned Webcasting professionals as they discuss the cost and pros and cons of Webcasting hardware and software on the market today. Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their questions.
Moderator: , CEO/CSO, Contributing Editor, Streaming Media Magazine, High Park Media, LLC
Speaker: , Director of Business Development, ViewCast
Speaker: , Solutions Architect, Ooyala
Speaker: , Video Service Delivery Lead, Accenture

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B101: The Developing Business Of Online Video Advertising
sponsored by
In the past year, the online video advertising industry has matured as more campaigns incorporate in-stream and in-page video advertising. Hear panelists discuss and demonstrate some of the innovative new campaigns they are using to acquire and retain customers. Learn about challenges of the uncertain metrics for determining rich media marketing ROI and for reporting on customer usage. Hear about various business models may further encourage the adoption of this technology by the marketing world.
Moderator: , President, Sparkway
Speaker: , Associate Media Director, Carat Fusion
Speaker: , Associate Director, Digital Media & Innovation, MediaVest
Speaker: , CEO And President, Broadband Enterprises
Speaker: , Product Manager, Flash Media Server, Adobe
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
A102: The Role Of Online Video In A News Organization
The Role Of Online Video In A News Organization
Use of the Internet as a news source is approaching, and sometimes surpassing, the use of traditional media. News organizations of all sizes use online video services to deliver news and information to a rapidly growing Internet base. Listen to leading news experts explain how marketers can use a cross-media strategy to reach an audience eager to explore the ideas, issues, and people behind news events. Compare and contrast free and paid content models, and consider the delivery of video news to portable devices.
Moderator: , Executive Editor, CNET
Speaker: , Deputy Director, Newspapers Online, Associated Press
Speaker: , Product Manager, International New York Times
Speaker: , Executive Producer, CNN
Speaker: , GM, Media Strategy And Monetization, MSN, Microsoft
B102: Successful Models For Consumer Based Content
sponsored by
The market for consumer content has seen explosive growth, with streaming media as a key component of this success. This panel of content creators looks at innovative and simple ways you can use various content distribution technologies to deliver many types of live and on-demand content to consumers. They will also discuss which business models show the most encouraging signs of growth and how they offset costs with advertising and paid content services.
Moderator: , Author of Hands-On Guide to Webcasting, LUX Media
Speaker: , President, WorldWide Biggies
Speaker: , Managing Producer, Broadband, A&E Television Networks
Speaker: , VP, Emerging Media, Reuters
Speaker: , CEO, MediaMerx
C102: Streaming Strategies for Educators: Distance Learning
sponsored by
Streaming Strategies for Educators: Distance Learning
Educational institutions have long been a testing ground for the latest technological breakthroughs that change the way we work and learn. What’s happening now in educational research and applications that can transfer to the corporate world? Learn how education institutions are using streaming today and how enterprises can take their cue from academia by using streaming technology to enhance their distance learning and corporate training initiatives.
Moderator: , Senior Web Developer, Ohio University
Speaker: , Assistant Professor, Electronic Media & Film Dept., Towson University
Speaker: , Chairman And Founder, Anystream
Speaker: , Assistant Director, Temple University
Speaker: , General Manager, SCCtv, Seattle Community Colleges
12:30 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.
Lunch Break
1:45 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
A103: The Future for Portable Wireless Content
The Future for Portable Wireless Content
The trend toward customized content distributed via cell phones may prove as significant as the launch of the Web itself. Instead of consumers needing to get to a computer to see the latest news and customized features, it will reach them wherever they are. What kind of content is it likely be? What are the technology hurdles that remain and what are some work-around options? This panel features speakers who are at the forefront of content creation for a wide range of media.
Moderator: , President, Editorial Director, The Content Firm
Speaker: , Editorial Director, Ziff Davis Media
Speaker: , Marketing Communications, Vidiator
Speaker: , EVP, Managing Director, AT&T
Speaker: , President, Strategic Technologies International
B103: IPTV & Video On Demand Cable Services
IPTV & Video On Demand Cable Services
In 2006, broadband access and video-on-demand services reach more than 50% percent of all Internet-connected households. IPTV appears to be on the verge of changing the delivery landscape for both telcos and content creators, but it has yet to happen. Learn which technology platforms are most likely to prevail, who is partnering with whom, and whether another disruptive technology may supplant the major players. Hear a debate about who is likely to win the competition between the cable and phone companies.
Moderator: , President, Arise Communications Inc.
Speaker: , Executive Vice President, Schematic
Speaker: , Founder, Roogle Marketing
Speaker: , Product Manager, Streaming, Akamai
Speaker: , Senior Director, Cross Platform Applications, Comcast
C103: Protecting Digital Assets: The Rights Management Challenge
Protecting Digital Assets: The Rights Management Challenge
The protection of digital video content distributed over IP-based networks is a burning issue. Content owners and aggregators are attempting to apply digital rights management solutions to protect and monetize their media. But not all business models are easily supported and the DRM technology and industry is still developing. From podcasting to movie downloads, existing DRM systems are being stretched to their limits. This panel focuses on some of the real-world challenges that companies face in implementing consumer-friendly models, and how some content owners are addressing those challenges.
Moderator: , President, Digital Tech Consulting
Speaker: , CEO and Founder, BuyDRM
Speaker: , Senior VP of Programming, Artist and Label Relations, MediaNet Digital
Speaker: , CTO, MTV Networks
2:45 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.
A104: Online Video for Customer Acquisition
Online Video for Customer Acquisition
A new paradigm in online advertising and lead generation is here: integrating television advertising principles with search engine marketing can increase traditional online lead generation conversions by up to 3-times. However, video increases campaign complexities, from Q-scores to copy and creative - this presentation will discuss best practices and identify pitfalls to avoid.
Speaker: , President and CEO, LBi

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B104: Key Trends In Online Audio And Video
Key Trends In Online Audio And Video
Internet radio and video are growing rapidly. In this session you will hear key research findings and measurements, including learning how consumers use this media, how often, and who are they? The speaker will share demographic insights, a report on the popularity of online radio and online video, preferred consumer formats, and statistics about the growth and adoption of audio and video media.
Speaker: , Senior Vice President, comScore

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C104: The Major Media and Streaming Media Initiatives
The Major Media and Streaming Media Initiatives
The five major conglomerates (Disney, Viacom, AOL Time Warner, NBCU, and Newscorp) have recently generated a lot of buzz around streaming media. Are they reacting to new entrants to the space like Google, Yahoo!, or youtube? Or does the future of these companies rest in digital media? Take a look at some of the new multi-platform businesses and models the "big five" are deploying, and get a better understanding of what is out there, what is working, what is not, and some likely next steps.
Speaker: , CEO, MediaMerx

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3:15 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.
A105: Using Streaming And Videoconferencing Healthcare
Using Streaming And Videoconferencing Healthcare
This case study shows how the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is using streaming media and videoconferencing. See how they use live and on-demand streaming media for clinical and patient education and videoconferencing to support telemedicine and research collaboration. Hear about a current project to build a searchable library of digital media content for patients, parents, and health care provders.
Speaker: , Applications Analyst, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

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B105: Shooting for Streaming
This session will demonstrate the fundamentals for shooting for high quality streaming. Topics explored include shooting progressive vs. interlaced, how lighting and backlighting impacts quality, choosing the optimal background and clothing, and shooting for greenscreen and virtual sets.
Speaker: , Founder, Streaming Learning Center

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C105: Successful Radio Streaming In The Non-Commercial Sector
Tremendous new opportunities exist for many segments of the content and broadcast industry as the over-the-air radio audience tunes in to streaming radio. Gartner forecasts that by 2009 there will be over 450 million handsets capable of receiving streaming radio. Bridge Ratings forecasts that by 2009, 147.5 million listeners will be hearing streaming Internet radio. Hear about streaming radio opportunities and success strategies from someone who is doing it today.
Speaker: , Director Of Strategic Analysis, EMF Broadcasting

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3:45 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.
Break - Visit the Exhibit Hall
4:15 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
A106: Unique Challenges To Enterprise Streaming
sponsored by
Today, more than 90% of Fortune 1000 companies use some form of live and on-demand streaming technology. Enterprise streaming is proving its value as a powerful, convenient, and affordable way to broaden learning opportunities, improve communications, and increase productivity. While the media highlights consumer streaming applications, streaming in the enterprise is where the serious adoption began and where the business value is tangible. This session explores strategies that are important to streaming in the corporate environment.
Moderator: , CTO, Medialink Worldwide
Speaker: , Manager, Multimedia Solutions, The Vanguard Group
Speaker: , Director of Interactive Media, Imagine 360 Marketing
Speaker: , Executive VP, Service Providers / Co-founder, Qumu, Inc.
B106: Broadband Video Advertising: Ad Agency Buyers Speak Out
sponsored by
The ad agencies have really jumped on Internet broadband video advertising as the newest and hottest advertising vehicle. How do the ad buyers with all the money decide where to spend those funds? What do they need from publishers and providers in order to spend it? What standards do they want and why won’t the publishers give them to them? Some believe that even the $60 billion in TV advertising is threaten by Internet video advertising.
Moderator: , CEO, Internet Advertising Bureau
Speaker: , SVP Strategy and Innovation, MediaVest
Speaker: , EVP, Managing Director, Media Contacts
Speaker: , EVP, Carat Digital, Carat
C106: The Outlook For Investment In The Digital Media Sector
Billions have been invested in the streaming media sector by private and public investors, and billions have been lost. As the industry regains momentum, find out what attracts investors and the big dollars, and if you get some money, how will you fare in today's volatile markets. This panel offers a tough no-nonsense examination, with clear guidelines for institutions, companies, and private investors. Listen as analysts discuss current investment trends in the streaming and digital media sectors, and hear their forecasts for the next several years.
Moderator: , Managing General Partner, Highland Capital Partners
Speaker: , Chairman & CEO, Gotuit Media
Speaker: , General Partner, Spark Capital
Speaker: , CEO, Quigo Technologies
Speaker: , Managing Director, The Jordan, Edmiston Group

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Day Two - Wednesday, May 24, 2006

9:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Keynote: Video Content Consumption: On Your Schedule,on Any Device,Anytime
Bernie Gershon will share how the Disney ABC Television Group is delivering content anywhere, anytime, and to any device. Disney ABC TV has paved the way for new platforms, making video podcasts of Desperate Housewives and Lost available on iTunes and  producing original video entertainment content for mobile phones. Bernie Gershon is a veteran of the media business with over 20 years in radio news.  He pioneered's first stand-alone subscription service and the Web's first 24/7 streaming news network, now named ABC News Now.
, SVP, GM, ABC News Digital Media
9:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Keynote: Leveraging Digital Video to Optimize Enterprise Communications
Hear how Allianz AG uses digital video to help create a cohesive organization with clear goals and lines of communications among multiple facilities and more than 200,000 independent agents. Learn how digital video is used to broadcast all employee meetings and how video-on-demand and video streaming enable call center and mission-critical operations to view presentations at their convenience.  Find out how Allianz is standardizing and streamlining training and new employee orientation with high-quality video-on-demand to the desktop and using streaming for real-time alerts and to broadcast training and product information to external wholesalers.
, Capability Manager, Enterprise Network and Media Services, Allianz Life

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10:30 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.
A201: The Quest For Searchable Video
sponsored by
With the recent launch of searchable video services by major portals and the deals with big media properties to index streaming and downloadable entertainment, video searching is fast becoming a high-profile function. In both business organizations and consumer media properties, indexing and metadata strategies have become a “must-have” for any large-scale content creator. Simply having good content is not enough if users can’t easily find it. Learn what you need to know about how video search works and video search technology.
Moderator: , President and CEO, LBi
Speaker: , CFO and COO, thePlatform
Speaker: , President, Pinnacle Systems
Speaker: , VP And Chief Architect, MLB Advanced Media
Speaker: , CEO, Blinkx
B201: The Business Of Podcasting And Video Blogging
As consumers demand access to news, entertainment and sports information anywhere and anytime, content owners are looking for new ways to deliver near-real-time content. The availability of mobile media devices like the PSP and iPod has made podcasting one of the emerging platforms for this distribution, but the business model is still very uncertain. Panelists in this session will discuss the major effects of podcasting on mainstream media, and how or if this type of content can generate revenue and profitable business models.
Moderator: , VP, Business Development, EMEA, Brightcove
Speaker: , Director, Digital Media Business Development, NPR
Speaker: , General Partner, Union Square Ventures
Speaker: , VP of Marketing, Clear Channel
Speaker: , Managing Editor, Audience Research & Development (AR&D)
C201: Corporate Streaming: Real Costs & ROI
In today's economy, every corporation can be a media company, using an array of streaming and digital media technologies to reach employees, customers, sales channels, partners, and press. The question is no longer whether to add video to corporate Web sites, but about learning how to do it and how much it costs. Hear examples of corporate streaming applications, the size of deployments, and review build-versus-buy strategies, and what your return on investment and payback period is likely to be.
Moderator: , Streaming Media Magazine's European Edition
Speaker: , Project Manager. Web Technology
Speaker: , President and CEO, The FeedRoom
Speaker: , CTO, Vividas
Speaker: , Technical Specialist, Web Infrastructure, General Mills
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
A202: The Changing Face Of Internet Radio
sponsored by
Online radio distribution is beginning to leverage a combination of delivery outlets to reach a wider, more connected audience. Once broadcast strictly to a computer-based audience, Internet radio is now crossing into other delivery streams such as satellite and personal broadcasting via the connected living room. This panel of radio and broadcasting executives will discuss the state of digital radio today and where they see it going in the next few years.
Moderator: , Editor, Advertising Age
Speaker: , Managing Director, Ronning Lipset Radio
Speaker: , Senior VP and General Manager, Online Radio and Music, Clear Channel
Speaker: , Managing Director of AOL Radio, America Online
Speaker: , Senior VP Manager of National Radio, Zenith Media
Speaker: , US Director, National Radio Investment, OMD
B202: Tools And Strategies For Content Creation And Encoding
sponsored by
Hear practicing experts discuss recommended tools, technologies, and concepts for creating content and optimizing workflow for faster and higher-quality output. Audio and video for the Internet requires an about-face for many professional from knowledge gained during careers in broadcast or production. Find out why, and learn what tools are suggested for creating the best possible streaming audio and video content in today’s real-world environments.
Moderator: , Chair, Communication Dept., Fine Arts Center, Castleton State College
Speaker: , CEO, Astream
Speaker: , Director, Online Development, truTV
Speaker: , COO, The Employment And Career Channel
Speaker: , Manager, Internet Services, Baltimore Ravens
C202: Using Video For Viral Marketing To Teenagers
Today’s generation of teenagers is creating, consuming, and watching more online content then ever before. Due to the widespread proliferation of digital devices, 67% of all teenagers create their own online content and watch more online video than TV or at movie theaters. Ranging from relationship marketing to “advergaming,” this panel shows how they use creative advertising and marketing to connect with this younger generation.
Moderator: , CEO, MediaMerx
Speaker: , CEO and Founder, Bolt Media
Speaker: , CEO, PureVideo
Speaker: , Director, Digital Media, Programming And Strategy, Fuse
Speaker: , Director Of Marketing, Mirror Image
12:30 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.
Lunch Break - Visit the Exhibit Hall
1:45 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.
A203: Best Practices For Webcast Production
This expert instructor delves into the intricacies and best practices of live broadcasting. From signal acquisition through encoding and server distribution, this presentation suggests the best practices for delivering a live Internet Webcast. Discover how to deconstruct a complex and rich live event from hardware and software to the workflow and signal flow of the production. Attendees are encouraged to share their experiences and bring questions about how to produce successful, high-quality Internet broadcasts.
Speaker: , Author of Hands-On Guide to Webcasting, LUX Media
B203: IPTV Deployment At Beacon City School District
Hear how the Beacon school distric developed Beacon IPTV, an advanced video network that provides video streaming and video-on-demand to its 3,600 students and 450-person district staff. Using IPTV, Beacon CSD enhanced its curriculum while cutting video networking costs, plus provided weather-related school updates and community programming to surrounding communities on a low-bandwidth Beacon IPTV channel. Students and faculty enjoy state-of-the-art digital educational programming approved for teachers' curriculums, student-produced news, and campus-related programming.
Speaker: , Assistant Superintendent Media & Op. Services, Beacon City School District

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C203: Content With Macromedia Flash Video
Flash Video is taking over the internet for creating custom video experiences. In this session you'll see how companies have been successful by creating their own custom experiences using Flash and the Flash Media Server. You will discover the basics of how Flash Media Server works, trans-coding to the Flash Video Format (FLV) and using the Flash 8 Authoring tools to create custom video experiences very quickly. Attendees are welcome to bring their Flash Video questions.
Moderator: , Sr. Product Manager, Adobe
Speaker: , Strategic Account Manager, New Toronto Group

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2:15 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.
A204: Implementing Synchronous Live Online Training
Learn how ADP implemented live online training to a dispersed audience of 18,000 clients. This case study will cover topics such as advertising, enrollments, increasing attendance ratio, feedback loops, improving the process cycle, and the changing audience mind-set about online training.
Speaker: , Webmaster, Audatex

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B204: Best Practices For Windows Media Video Encoding
Windows Media supports compression media in everything from mobile phones to HD, which means that many of its options aren't applicable to all situations. This session focuses on crafting encoding settings for optimum web video (streaming or progressive download). Learn how to choose between CBR and VBR, 1-pass and 2-pass, and design the right Intelligent Streaming settings for your audience. Information is applicable to all Windows Media encoding tools, including Windows Media Encoder, ProCoder, Squeeze, Compression Master, and Flip4Mac.
Speaker: , Technology Evangelist, Microsoft

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C204: The Rules of Engagement: Best Practices in Online Video Advertising
Video is one of the fastest-growing rich media initiatives in the industry. Previously, there have been significant limitations to both the quality and capabilities video can offer. Now, quite a few of those limitations are disappearing, and quickly, allowing advertisers to push the boundaries of creativity. In this session, you will learn how to create an engaging online video experience within an ad as well as view real examples of strategies that are currently working.
Speaker: , Creative Director, Pointroll

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3:00 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.
A205: Rich Media And The Road To Convergence
In 2006 we are going to see real convergence between TVs, mobile phones, computers, DVRs, and other addressable devices. From a tech perspective, video applications have already crossed the boundaries and storage has become cheap and available online. Soon audio and video applications will be retrievable from any terminal with a screen and entry device. Come hear what industry executives see as the future of convergence for video over IP.
Moderator: , CEO/CSO, Contributing Editor, Streaming Media Magazine, High Park Media, LLC
Speaker: , Chief Strategy Officer, Limelight Networks
Speaker: , President and CEO, NATAS
B205: Distribution And Delivery Of Digital Media
sponsored by
The business of content distribution and delivery can be confusing for content owners and providers as multiple distribution mediums like streaming, progressive downloads, and podcasting all play a vital role. This session examines the landscape of digital media delivery and distribution and gives you the know-how to effectively choose the right combination of delivery options for your content. Panelists will discuss the pros and cons of each service, the costs associated with each, and help you understand your options.
Moderator: , Managing Editor, Audience Research & Development (AR&D)
Speaker: , VP, Sales, Limelight Networks
Speaker: , CTO, BET
Speaker: , Chief Innovator & Executive Producer, New England Patriots
C205: Online Music: May the Best Model Win
The digital music market has exploded in the past year, and companies with varying models have launched services they hope will cash in on the avid consumer demand for digital music. It's early in the game and still unclear which models will work and which will fail. This panel discusses how the major players are delivering music to consumers, what portable devices will play an important role and how the models may change as the market for online music matures.
Moderator: , Publisher, RAIN
Speaker: , Director of Product Management, Rhapsody
Speaker: , Director, On-Demand Services, Yahoo!
Speaker: , GM, AOL Music Now, America Online
3:45 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Break - Visit the Exhibit Hall
4:00 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.
What You’ve Heard And What’s Next
Mix it up with industry leaders and observers as they discuss what they heard and what the future holds. All attendees are encouraged to bring their questions or topics from the show they want to discuss.
Speaker: , Streaming Media Magazine's European Edition


Beth Lewand
Vice President
Digital Media
Comedy Central
Jeremy Allaire
Chairman and CEO
Bernie Gershon
ABC News Digital Media
Matt Nowak
Capability Manager, Enterprise Network and Media Services
Allianz Life

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