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AVIWEST to Debut New Pocketsize Live Video Uplink Systems at IBC

AVIWEST has chosen IBC2013 to launch officially the DMNG PRO110 and DMNG PRO180-RA transmitters, as well as the QUAD wideband cellular antenna array

AVIWEST, the world leader in pocketsize live video uplink systems, is to extend its products and solutions range to offer greater versatility to its system, thus providing greater mobility to its users. In addition to the constant improvement of its products and solutions, the company has chosen IBC2013 to launch officially the DMNG PRO110 and DMNG PRO180-RA transmitters, as well as the QUAD wideband cellular antenna array. AVIWEST will also release the official version of its DMNG APP. AVIWEST will additionally unveil its upcoming projects: a new version of its DMNG PRO180-RA designed to be mounted on a 1U rack, as well as its live transmission solution for laptops.

DMNG PRO110 Official Launch
Designed for use with external mobile modems, the DMNG PRO110 is especially suited for camera crews working worldwide who need the greatest flexibility possible in modem management. With its 10 USB interfaces, it allows the use of several types of modem, or SIM cards, and eases modem swapping. It is also an autonomous device as it includes a battery.

DMNG PRO180-RA and QUAD Antenna Array Official Launches
The new DMNG PRO180-RA is AVIWEST’s follow-up to its core product: the DMNG PRO180, a versatile device for live video and audio streaming over bonded cellular networks. Combining the DMNG PRO180-RA with the QUAD wideband cellular antenna array, which can be mounted on any type of vehicle such as a DSNG truck, car, motorbike or boat, increases the signal resiliency and enables streaming of live video on the move in critical conditions.

DMNG APP Official Release
The AVIWEST DMNG App is a mobile application that turns an Android smartphone into a professional live video camera. In-the-field journalists can now stream live footage via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G, and transfer recorded video files from anywhere in the world to a DMNG Studio server simply using their smartphone.

Headquartered in Rennes in France, AVIWEST,, is a high technology company providing efficient and innovative portable video uplink systems. Its mission is to provide high-quality and high performance digital video products and solutions to its customers, allowing them to increase the quality and the level of their services.

Thanks to AVIWEST’s core expertise in worldwide digital newsgathering technologies, the company develops, integrates, sells and deploys video solutions, including a complete range of portable video encoders/transmitters as well as a decoder/receiver, designed for newsgathering professionals.