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CalDigit Rolls Out Thunderbolt Station

By connecting the CalDigit Thunderbolt Station to a Mac you can add three USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, and Audio In/Out.

Today CalDigit, the company of choice for the content creation industry, announces that the eagerly anticipated CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station will be shipping on November 4th 2013. As laptops are becoming more portable and lightweight they are losing many of their interface options. The CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station brings back those connections, and streamlines them into a portable aluminum device. By connecting the CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station to a Mac you can add three USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, and Audio In/Out. All this for an MSRP of $199.

CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station - Desktop Flexibility for All 

The CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station is the first Thunderbolt expansion dock to offer all the features demanded by laptop users.

“The beauty of the CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station is that you can finally connect and disconnect all your peripheral devices with just one Thunderbolt cable. Whether you’re connecting external hard drives, monitors, ethernet, or audio speakers, all you have to do when heading out for the day is unplug one single cable”, said Kosta Panagos, Director of Marketing at CalDigit.

The HDMI port on the CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station supports resolutions of 2560x1600. Other devices on the market only support lower resolutions such as 1080i and 1080p. The HDMI port is ideal for situations when you need to expand your monitor set-up. It also supports HDCP playback that enables you to play content such as iTunes movies on a HDMI display. If you also daisy-chain a Thunderbolt monitor alongside a HDMI monitor you can have up to a maximum of three displays including a laptop’s built in display.

Unlike other devices in its class the CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station features USB 3.0 ports that support full transfer speeds. Other similar devices on the market are limited to 2.5Gbs. The CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station’s USB 3.0 ports are 5Gbs. Having the ability to add USB 3.0 connectivity to your computer is incredibly useful for users who have a Thunderbolt equipped Mac without USB 3.0 ports, as it opens the door to connecting a whole host of USB 3.0 peripheral devices. The USB 3.0 ports also bus-power external storage devices, and can charge mobile devices.

The CalDigit Thunderbolt Station features dual Thunderbolt ports in order to daisy-chain it as part of six Thunderbolt devices. The sheer power and throughput of the Thunderbolt interface allows the CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station to give users outstanding interface expandability in a compact design. Other devices on the market only feature a single Thunderbolt port making it an end-of-chain Thunderbolt device.

“Thunderbolt enables us to create products that consistently break new ground in versatility without sacrificing performance. The CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station could not have been possible without the power of Thunderbolt” said Kosta Panagos, Director of Marketing at CalDigit.

Price and Availability 

The CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station is available for pre-order now from the CalDigit Online Store. It will be available soon through CalDigit Resellers worldwide, and Amazon. Pricing for the CalDigit Thunderbolt™ Station is $199 MSRP in the US, £149 RRP in the UK, and €179 RRP in Europe.

About CalDigit
California, the forefront of digital content creation, and pioneering computer technology is the inspiration for the development of CalDigit. For over ten years CalDigit has been dedicated to making external storage devices for the content creation industry. All products are built from the ground up with professional users in mind, and are constructed with only the best possible materials.

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