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FxFactory Adds PHYX Flarelight Flares, Streaks, and Glows Generator for FCP, Motion, After Effects, and Premiere Pro

Users can easily customize all aspects of the PXYX Flarelight effects to achieve the desired look and can even animate parameters to fade in and out with the shot.

Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, adds PHYX Flarelight to its plugin platform FxFactory. Designed for use in Final Cut Pro® 7 and X, Motion and Adobe® After Effects® and Premiere Pro®, PHYX Flarelight is a collection of visual effects and generators that allows editors to add realistic lens flares, industrial-strength glows and anamorphic streaks to footage.

Users can easily customize all aspects of the effects to achieve the desired look and can even animate parameters to fade in and out with the shot. Editors can also use a compositing program like Motion or After Effects to easily pair center parameters to a tracking point. PHYX Flarelight is now available in FxFactory for 49 USD.

PHYX Flarelight Feature Effects:

  • AnamorphicGlare - blue streaks blooming from image highlights, an at-first unintentional side effect that has since become extremely popular; while anamorphic lenses can be extremely expensive, PHYX Flarelight simulates the effect successfully at a fraction of the cost
  • MegaGlow - adds industrial-strength glow effects with blurring and blend modes, providing editors with maximum control over the glow shape
  • StarGen - simulating realistic starry skies, this powerful starfield generator is perfect for sci-fi projects, night scenes and more
  • TrueNoise - creates walls of flames, lava, 3D water displacement textures and many more effects, PHYX recommends pairing Flarelight's noise generator plugin with MegaGlow to create vivid, glowing life

About PHYX Inc.:
PHYX Incorporated is a privately held U.S. corporation. Its principles have been developing custom tools for Visual Effects since 2002. In 2007, PHYX Inc. brought its first collection of tools to the public. PHYX Inc. continues to create its visual effects tools with the involvement and guidance of professionals from Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), WETA Digital, Digital Domain, Sony Imageworks, Pixar, and other studios.

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