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Digital Tutors Unveils 22 New Tutorials for CG and Visual Effects Producers

Latest release from Digital Tutors features a powerful lineup of tutorials that artists and members can use to create seamless and stunning work

Digital-Tutors, providers of the world's largest CG and visual effects training resource, today released 22 new tutorials in the first new-training release of 2013. This latest release features a powerful lineup of tutorials that artists and members can use to create seamless and stunning work.

With the release, we're excited to announce new training coming to Digital-Tutors every week, as we add more instructors and more training options. New training options this release are highlighted by a new focus on After Effects motion graphics tutorials and the continued effort to add more digital art training.

In addition to new training, we're also announcing the brand new Digital-Tutors asset library now available for members. This new feature lets members download finished assets to help them practice their skills, and find assets that are now available to import in their software of choice.

New training and tutorials added this release:

Rendering Flicker-Free Final Gather in Maya  
Advanced Character Rigging in Maya 
Introduction to nCloth in Maya 
Professional Series: Photorealistic Vehicle Rendering in Maya 
Maya Animation Reference Library: Birds (Quiz and Test-Enabled

Introduction to C# in Unity (Quiz and Test-Enabled) 
Lighting in CryENGINE 
Presentation Techniques for Game Art in Marmoset Toolbag  
Professional Series: Game Boss Creation in ZBrush 

Creative Development: Compositing a Lunar Environment in After Effects and Maya with James Whiffin 
Animating a Vector City with a 3D Camera in After Effects 
Creating a Vector Car Animation in After Effects 
Creating a 3D Scene with a 2D Image in After Effects 
Compositing an Animated Poster with Live Footage in After Effects

Creative Development: Environment Concepts for Characters in Photoshop with Ismail Wamala 
Drawing Rock Formations in Photoshop 
Creating Custom Foliage Brushes for Digital Illustration 
Inking Comic Art in Illustrator 

Sci-Fi Inspired Manga Illustration in Photoshop 
Shape Based Character Design in Photoshop 
Drawing Female Proportions and Surface Anatomy 
Creating Custom Patterns in Illustrator

Watch the January new-training video and see all of the latest tutorials on the new-training page.

Subscriptions and Availability 
January's new tutorials, the new asset library, and every tutorial in the world's largest CG, VFX and digital art training resource are available with a subscription to Digital-Tutors.