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Roland Announces V-02HD MK II Streaming Video Mixer

Simple and Affordable Livestreaming Solution with Two HDMI Camera Inputs, 10-Channel Audio Mixing, Video Effects, and More

Roland announces the V-02HD MK II Streaming Video Mixer, a simple and affordable solution for bringing higher production values to computer-based livestreaming. Compact and easy to use, the V-02HD MK II allows users to connect and switch two high-quality HDMI cameras and send them directly to a favorite streaming platform over USB-C. It’s also possible to mix in audio sources via dedicated inputs and HDMI, apply video effects and transitions, and more.

From talk shows and live demonstrations to artistic performances and beyond, cameras that support HDMI output will elevate the image quality in livestreams and drive more audience engagement. They have much better lenses than any webcam and often have zoom capability to frame the perfect shot. Users can connect up to two HDMI cameras to the V-02HD MK II and let Roland’s advanced tech handle all the details, eliminating USB conflicts with multiple webcams and HDMI-to-USB encoder adaptors. Other devices with HDMI output are also supported, including computers, mobile devices, and gaming consoles.

With its intuitive control layout and T-bar fader, the V-02HD MK II is very simple to operate. The USB connection is plug and play, ready for instant streaming with popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Zoom or advanced workflows such as OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, StreamYard, and Restream.

The V-02HD MK II also includes a 10-channel digital audio mixer with Roland’s legendary sound quality and control. There are two audio inputs with 3.5 mm jacks, and each supports a microphone—including lavalier mics that require plug-in power—or stereo audio from a smartphone, mixer, or other devices. Users can mix embedded stereo audio from HDMI sources as well, including microphones connected to cameras.

The V-02HD MK II supports hands-free control with up to two optional BOSS footswitches, a convenient feature for creators who perform or give demonstrations during streams. With a discrete off-camera stomp, it’s possible to switch camera angles, cut to a static image, transition scene layouts, fade picture-in-picture windows, and more.

Out of the box, the V-02HD MK II provides the dedicated controls needed to switch cameras and make basic adjustments to video and audio sources. But for users who want to dive deeper, there’s a world of advanced features and custom assignments to explore. Connecting an HDMI monitor provides a display for setting up a wide selection of audio and video effects, footswitch assignments, and more. And with one of Roland’s free remote control apps, users can operate the V-02HD MK II via an intuitive graphical interface on their iPad or computer. (Remote control apps for macOS and Windows will be available in late 2021.)

The purchase of a V-02HD MK II also provides free access to Roland’s new AeroCaster Switcher for iPad, a powerful video and media expansion solution for select Roland hardware switchers. With this unique app, users can switch wireless feeds from up to five devices—including smartphone and tablet cameras and screen shares from computers and mobile devices—and then output a combined program feed to the V-02HD MK II or another supported Roland switcher with HDMI input.

Availability & Pricing

The V-02HD MK II Streaming Video Mixer is available in the U.S. now for $395.00.

To learn more about the V-02HD MK II Streaming Video Mixer and AeroCaster Switcher, visit

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