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Roland Announces V-160HD Streaming Video Switcher

Professional Hybrid Event Switcher with Eight HDMI and Eight SDI Inputs, USB-C Streaming, 40-Channel Audio Mixing, Powerful New Automation Features, and More

Roland’s Professional A/V division announces the V-160HD Streaming Video Switcher, the latest addition to the company’s respected V-series lineup of multichannel HD video switching products and the first with built-in streaming capabilities. Perfectly tailored for modern hybrid production, the V-160HD allows users to connect with live audiences in Full HD with comprehensive HDMI and SDI I/O and simultaneously stream to any popular web platform via USB-C. The V-160HD also features an eight-layer video effects engine, a 40-channel digital audio mixer, and integrated PTZ camera control, plus next-generation cue management and live show automation tools that make tough production tasks simple.  

Compact, portable, and easy to operate, the V-160HD combines the reliable hardware features needed to flawlessly execute live productions with the livestreaming capabilities found in computer-based systems. While software workflows are fine for online-only events, the V-160HD delivers the pro essentials to handle both the in-person and web streaming components of a live hybrid event, complete with the ability to tailor the content for each audience. 

With its extensive connectivity and powerful real-time processing, the V-160HD is ready to take on nearly any production. Eight HDMI sources and eight SDI sources can be mixed in Full HD, even with mismatched frame rates and color spaces. Built-in scalers are provided on four of the HDMI inputs for worry-free interfacing with computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, and legacy 4:3 devices. And seven total outputs—three HDMI, three SDI, and one USB-C—are available to feed program displays, auxiliary monitors, multi-view producer displays, streaming software, recorders, and more. 

Advanced workflow tools in the V-160HD allow a single operator to execute multiple functions with a single press. The 30 preset memories and powerful effects engine work together for seamless scene changes, including synchronizing the transition of all composition layers at the program output. The 100 macros go even deeper, providing one-touch control of complex action lists that can include switching, DSK on/off, audio mixing adjustments, PTZ camera movements, and more. 

Making its debut in the V-160HD is a groundbreaking sequencer function that makes presets and macros even more powerful. Up to 1000 steps can be recorded in the sequencer, and each step can include both presets and macros. Once cues are set up in the sequence list, they can be triggered in order during an event using the Next button on the panel. 

The V-160HD’s impressive effects engine includes eight composition layers that can be assigned to the Program and Sub-Program outs. Four picture-in-picture windows, downstream key layers, 16 still store slots with transparent PNG image support, and more are available to manage the creative needs of any client. 

Equipped with the same plug-and-play connection technology as webcams, the V-160HD allows users to stream events at 30/60 FPS in Full HD and reach a worldwide audience. Just connect the USB-C output to a computer and start streaming with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, YouTube, Facebook Live, or any platform that can use a webcam as its source. 

Offering studio-grade sound and processing, the V-160HD’s 40-channel digital audio mixer lets users blend signals from the 16 video inputs and USB-C along with microphones and line-level devices connected to the two balanced XLR combo and stereo RCA inputs. It’s also possible to wirelessly stream music and other sound sources from a phone or tablet via Bluetooth. 

The V-160HD features extensive PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera integration with onboard support for select Canon, JVC, Panasonic, Sony, PTZOptics, Avonic, and VISCA-compatible PTZ LAN cameras. Different brands can be mixed and matched, and up to 16 PTZ cameras can be operated simultaneously. 

The V-160HD also includes useful production tools such as tally light support, remote record triggering of Atomos recorders, RS-232 and GPIO ports, and more. And with free remote control software for macOS, Windows, and iPad, users can enhance their workflow via a large graphical interface on a computer or iPad.    

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The Roland V-160HD Streaming Video Switcher will be available in the U.S. for $4,995 in August 2021.

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