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Announcing 1 Beyond AutoTracker 3 Camera with NDI

Add Presenter Tracking to AV over IP Workflows

1 Beyond, Inc., a  leader in automated video solutions, announces the 1 Beyond  AutoTracker™ 3 camera with NDI®, enabling universities, corporations and government organizations to add automatic presenter tracking  to AV over IP workflows.

NewTek’s NDI technology  is the most widely adopted IP technology on the market and a built-in NDI | HX encoder allows the camera to provide video streams that can be viewed by  NDI compatible software or hardware devices anywhere on the same network.  

Hundreds of universities and corporations have adopted the AutoTracker camera as their standard for lecture capture, video conferencing, training and many other applications because its unique combination of facial and motion detection provides seamless tracking that eliminates the need for camera or system operators. 

Only a single standard network cable needs be connected to the AutoTracker  3 camera with NDI to provide power, control and the NDI video stream, making it cost & time effective to scale presenter tracking across multiple rooms.

“1 Beyond AutoTracker 3 cameras with NDI now not only feature the leading auto tracking technology but also are the easiest to integrate into rooms,” said Terry Cullen, Founder & CEO of 1 Beyond.

The camera produces high and low resolution NDI video streams and the bitrate of the stream is adjustable in the camera.  Once the camera is configured over the network, it can be controlled from any 3rd party control device that supports VISCA over IP to turn tracking on or off.

The AutoTracker™ 3 camera with NDI retains the key  features of previous AutoTracker versions which include smooth, seamless tracking; high-quality Sony sensor; dual 1080p or 720p HD-SDI output; PoE+ power; easy setup; 20x optical zoom; and automatic camera functions such as focus and white balance.

AutoTracker 3 cameras with NDI are shipping immediately and are priced at $7,595. More information is available at For more information on NDI, visit #NDIcentral

About 1 Beyond, Inc.

1 Beyond designs and manufactures professional video equipment for all aspects of the workflow from production through post. In addition to video conferencing and collaboration solutions complemented by a line of autotracking and PTZ cameras, 1 Beyond offers streaming, recording and lecture capture, archiving and storage solutions. ###