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Trost Motion and DitoGear Team Up to Deliver Precision-motion Cinematic Camera Sliders

Trost Motion and DitoGear are offering a bundled solution for filmmakers; the MotionKit with OmniController for Trost Motion

Trost Motion ( today announced they have partnered with DitoGear™ ( to combine precision motion control systems with Trost Motion’s family of cinematic camera sliders. As a result of this partnership, Trost Motion and DitoGear are offering a bundled solution for filmmakers; the MotionKit with OmniController for Trost Motion.

The combination of Trost Motion sliders and DitoGear MotionKits has resulted in the industry’s sturdiest, most rugged and versatile camera system, able to handle anything from high-end cinema cameras like the RED Dragon and Arri ALEXA, all the way down to standard DSLRs. The new DitoGear MotionKits for Trost Motion can also support camera rigs weighing up to 176 pounds in horizontal motion, and 22 pounds in vertical motion.

This new bundle is available immediately, and DitoGear is offering a 20% Holiday Discount for customers who purchase before December 31, 2015. For more information on the DitoGear MotionKit, please visit To purchase this new system, please visit

“Trost Motion and DitoGear first appeared at NAB 2015 to demonstrate the possibilities of bringing these two great camera systems together. The reaction from filmmakers, DPs and cinematographers was amazing,” said Gabe Cheifetz, president and co-founder of Trost Motion. “Our two companies share the same vision; we place such high value on precision design and excellence in everything we create, just like our users; filmmakers and cinematographers not willing to compromise anything for their art. This bundle is just the beginning of our collaboration with DitoGear. We’re excited about the ideas and designs we can bring to the community.”

“We're very excited about partnering with Trost Motion - great tools are born out of passion and focus,” added Patryk Kizny, brand director and partner at DitoGear. “Trost has both of these attributes and their products are exactly what filmmakers need - quality engineering born out of insight and reinforced with refinement. Trost powered by DitoGear will be a killer combination for shooters who need the best to move their cameras and tell their stories.”

DitoGear Bundle for Trost Motion
The MotionKit with OmniController adds precision control for camera shutter as well as one-axis motion control device. An analog joystick lets filmmakers navigate through menu systems and directly control the device, and the entire bundle is water resistant ideal in outdoor environments. Several operating modes are available, including real time operation, time lapse, stop motion and motion recording and playback.

Pricing and Availability
The DitoGear MotionKit with OmniController for Trost Motion bundle is available immediately and is priced at $1,445.00 USD.

For customers who purchase before December 31, 2015, DitoGear is offering a special Holiday Discount, with 20% savings on the bundle. Enter the code TROST20 on checkout at to get instant discount.

For detailed specifications, please visit:

To purchase the new MotionKit with OmniController for Trost, please visit:

About DitoGear
DitoGear™ has earned a reputation of one of the leading manufacturers of portable motion control equipment. Besides continuously pushing the envelope with their own motorized sliders, heads and FIZ units, DitoGear™ provides motion control modules for 3rd party equipment by widely recognized brands including Trost Motion, Glidecam, Cinevate, Kessler Crane and Dynamic Perception. For more information, please

About Trost Motion
We are a small band of filmmakers, digital media artists, developers and designers. We have a singular vision; to make camera sliders for filmmakers with unparalleled precision. We do this by setting standards for high design, versatility, durability, and field-readiness that’s tough enough for any shooting environment - from the studio to the Arctic Circle. We believe that well-designed, precision sliders are an extension of your camera, and the combination of high quality capture with precise, fluid movement yields stunning imagery. For more information, or to acquire a Trost Motion slider, please visit And follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see how filmmakers around the world are creating amazing content with our designs.