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Zylight Debuts F8-300 'Silent' LED Fresnel at LDI 2015

The F8-300 delivers the equivalent brightness of a 600-watt HMI Fresnel while using passive cooling instead of an internal fan

Zylight, a leading manufacturer of innovative LED lighting solutions, will demonstrate a prototype of its new “silent” F8-300 LED Fresnel at Live Design International (LDI) 2015, which runs Oct. 23-24 in Las Vegas, Nev. Engineered specifically for quiet studios and venues, the F8-300 delivers the equivalent brightness of a 600-watt HMI Fresnel while using passive cooling instead of an internal fan. The F8-300 will be featured with Zylight’s new F8-200 LED “Flat Fresnel” and other lighting instruments in the USHIO America booth (961) during the show.

Built on Zylight’s award-winning F8 platform, the F8-300 uses quantum dot LED technology to deliver a high quality of light. Available in tungsten (3200K) or daylight (5600K), it has a high CRI (color rendering index) as well as a high TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index). It offers single shadow traditional Fresnel beam shaping, as well as an adjustable beam spread (16-70 degrees) with a patented focusing system for spot and flood operations.

While drawing only 300 watts of power, the F8-300 delivers more brightness than a 2K tungsten fixture. Constructed with aircraft aluminum and composite reinforced thermoplastics, the water resistant F8-300 has an IP54 rating, so it delivers in challenging environments and weather conditions.

“LDI is the ideal venue to debut our F8-300 studio light. It has an unbeatable combination of brightness and silence for an LED fixture, and it delivers the refined and natural light output our customers expect,” said Joe Arnao, president of Zylight. “We’re also looking forward to showing our F8-200 at LDI for the first time. It’s a really powerful light that stands up to harsh environments and is easy to transport.”

Built on the same chassis as Zylight’s award-winning F8-100, the F8-200 “Flat Fresnel” collapses to less than five inches thick. It is brighter than a 400-watt HMI Fresnel and almost as bright as a 2,000-watt Tungsten fixture, but can be powered by AC or two 14.4V standard Gold Mount or V-Mount batteries. Both the F8-100 and F8-200 feature an eight-inch SCHOTT glass lens for traditional Fresnel beam shaping, adjustable beam spread, and spot and flood capabilities.

Other models at LDI include the F8-B, one of the only dedicated LED UV instruments on the market with variable zoom control. Designed for artistic black light effects, it delivers four times the fluorescent brightness of a traditional 400-watt Fresnel black light at the same distance, but only draws about one quarter of the electrical power.

Ideal as a background color wash light or wide soft light, the IS3c features Zylight’s Color Mode, which produces millions of colors without gels or filters. Other built-in controls adjust color temperature and color correction. The F8-100, another “Flat Fresnel” with many of the same features as the F8-200, draws only 90 watts but provides close to the light output of a traditional 1000-watt Fresnel.

Both the IS3c and F8-100 are also available in white for permanent installations. All Zylight instruments, including the new F8-300, allow full DMX operation and include built-in ZyLink™ wireless technology, so multiple Zylights can be linked for simultaneous remote control.

Founded in 2003, Zylight LLC is the leading manufacturer of intelligent LED lighting instruments for the film and video production industry. Every model in its easy-to-use lighting system produces fully calibrated bright white light, while some also provide a spectrum of adjustable colors without gels. Full wireless control and DMX integration are included, and AC or DC power options are available. The Zylight state-of-the-art LED system is truly the most unique and flexible lighting system on the market today. With more than 50 dealers worldwide, Zylight continues to develop innovative LED lighting solutions to help make your job easier. More Than Bright–Zylight. Find out more at