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SmallHD Debuts 7" FullHD On-Camera Monitor at IBC 2015

The compact 702-Bright comes in a sleek and lightweight form factor with a 1,000 nit display, twice the brightness of most monitors and smartphones

SmallHD introduces a daylight viewable, 7-inch, Full HD onboard monitor at IBC 2015. Based on a new, highly efficient and elegantly engineered software platform, the compact 702-Bright comes in a sleek and lightweight form factor with a 1,000 nit display, twice the brightness of most monitors and smartphones. The screen is viewable from across a wide 179° angle.

The 702-Bright provides an accurate 1080p display that enables critical focus, exposure and color evaluation, even in broad daylight. Industry firsts include: an expanded toolset including 3D lookup table (LUT) video output to downstream devices, the “Pages” system of tool presets, an operating system built for speed and simplicity, and built-in dual-purpose battery slots for either Canon LP-E6 or Sony L-Series batteries—all under $1500.

The new monitor’s 323 pixels-per-inch, 1920x1080 display yields a Full HD picture. Utilizing an optically bonded glass protector with an anti-reflective coating, these 7-inch monitors can be viewed in high ambient light conditions, while maintaining excellent contrast. Its’ milled aircraft grade aluminum uni-body housing and optional acrylic screen protector make it truly rugged and ready for harsh shooting environments.

A breakthrough feature of the 702-Bright is its ability to apply 3D LUTs to the video and output the colorized image to monitors and/or recording devices downstream. The color-graded video can be viewed on those downstream monitors even while the operator calls up other features in the 702-Bright’s toolset.

Operators will appreciate useful tools like HD Waveform, RGB Parade, HDMI/SDI Signal Conversion, Image Capture, downstream 3D LUTs, and on-screen Audio Meters, accompanied by Audio Line Headphone Output. An optional wireless remote allows hand’s off navigation of the 702-Bright’s menu. Using Pages, software tools such as focus assist or exposure scopes can be grouped together for quick retrieval as needed. The operator can toggle between various Pages utilizing the monitor’s joystick and back buttons.

In addition to the full resolution display, the monitor also provides Peaking and Focus Assist tools. Focus Assist indicates the in-focus portions of the scene via a colored line overlay, available in a choice of 11 different color options, for optimum clarity.

Another advantage is that the 702-Bright includes both HDMI and SDI inputs and outputs, with lightning fast cross conversion between the two without downscaling.

More key features of this 700 Series monitor are enabled by the SD card slot. For example, custom 3D LUTs can be imported, as well as JPEGs of background plates that can be overlaid with live video to help the shooter achieve the perfect matching angle. This feature is also beneficial for camera alignment with 3D rigs. Saving and loading of monitor settings via the SD card allows users to move preferences between monitors. Plus the card slot enables capture of a nearly unlimited number of screen shots from the live video feed, with or without a 3D LUT applied—a handy reference for continuity, future overlay use, and even for client review.

Additionally, these versatile monitors accept either Canon LP-E6 or Sony L-Series battery packs. They can also be powered from an AC adapter or from a P-Tap/D-Tap off a large camera battery. The 10-Watt power draw is so low that the monitor can run off a pair of NPF-970 batteries for 9 hours straight.

A rugged build, professional software features and the ability to integrate with other monitors and recording devices allow the 702-Bright to improve any production workflow. For specifications and more information or to order visit: