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Black Label Music Production Music Service Launches

At a time when music catalogs are ever growing and multiplying, Minneapolis-based Black Label intends to secede from the business of catalog licensing by volume, and return to the sole service of creating custom compositions

Black Label Music has been unveiled. Launched by the creative partners behind the successful BWN Music (Composer Ken Brahmstedt & Mixer Carl White), Black Label is committed to creating the highest quality, custom music for commercial, branded entertainment, television, and film projects. Black Label also provides Music Supervision and a la carte Audio Branding services. Fueling Black Label, a sister company to BWN, is Composer Joe Wong (based in Los Angeles) and Producer/Director of New Business Development Kari Sharff, who works out of the office in Minneapolis, the city often referred to these days by clients as the “Austin of the North.”

As the Black Label team notes, at a time when music catalogs are ever growing and multiplying, Black Label intends to secede from the business of catalog licensing by volume, and return to the sole service of creating custom compositions. “We believe there is a resurgence of interest in high-end original music, as the catalogs continue to swell to a glut of mediocre offerings,” explains Partner/Composer Ken Brahmstedt. “While there is a place and project for all varieties of tracks and license types, we see these huge catalogs serving as the ‘fast fashion’ of music offerings -- great on-trend pieces at a bargain price; whereas Black Label is positioned to create high-end, ‘couture’ music for a wide variety of projects.”

Black Label abides by a mid-western work ethic of efficiency, dependability, and an affinity for problem solving, not to mention consistently delivering on a deadline. Above all, Black Label strives to create the highest quality custom music for projects that are creative, unique, and let’s not forget: fun! All works crafted for the project uniquely, by gifted musicians and artists within the Black Label family.

With 13 years experience of creating custom music, as well as developing a high-quality and hard-working catalog under the name Brahmstedt White Noise Inc. (aka BWN, Black Label and BWN are elevating and separating these two services. As Partner/Mixer of BWN and Partner in the new Black Label Music, Carl White notes, “I have the rare and fortunate opportunity of mixing a large number of high-end, national campaigns each year,” he says. “It gives me a unique perspective to see the trends in terms of music that is being composed and licensed for these projects. To be able to share that with the Black Label team, I believe can only elevate our talents moving forward.”

“When I work with Ken, Carl and the rest of crew; I know I'm getting real music and an opportunity to collaborate with some of the best,” says Anthony DiNicola, Art Director at Fallon. “They've provided me with epic tracks, quirky tunes and everything in between to make the work better than could ever be imagined. I’ve always appreciated how Ken and Carl continue to foster talent, by keeping in-studio staff composers, hiring young emerging artists, in addition to working with their vast network of freelance composers and musicians -- pairing the right talent to each project. I look forward to working with the crew at Black Label, as I have on countless projects, for the best in original music.”

“I’ve had the great pleasure of rocking various projects with Ken and Carl at BWN,” adds Ramon Nunez, VP and Senior Integrated Producer at CP+B. “Every ounce of their being goes into the music and sound design that you are creating together. They really lead you into a branded score versus you, the client, having to lead them. They are amazing collaborators; it’s been a great partnership.”

Right out of the gate, Black Label was called on to work on a multiple-spot campaign for Energy BBDO Chicago and Wrigley’s “5 Gum.” Focused on the tagline of “Life Happens in 5,” the campaign captures the exhilarating moments of teenage-hood, which is reflected in the music created by Black Label.

View spots from the campaign here: "Kiss" , "Skinny Dip"

Composer Joe Wong joined BWN Music in 2014. Shifting his creative forces to Black Label, Joe is based on the west coast at the company’s Hollywood studio. In addition to composing for commercial campaigns, Wong is in the midst of several television and film projects as well. “There are a lot of new music companies in the industry right now,” details Wong. “How we differentiate ourselves at Black Label, is that we are working musicians, many of us multi-instrumentalist who have a passion for listening to, performing, and composing music.”

“Now that we’ve placed our growing library in the skilled hands of the adept staff of BWN Music, we’ve focused our time and energy going after the projects that we find challenging and inspiring,” concludes Kari Sharff, Producer and Director of New Business Development, who is moving over to Black Label from her position as Business Manager for BWN. “We’d like more opportunities to work on the projects that are originated by some of the most creative minds worldwide. We’re ready to go after them with robust focus. ”