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FutureVideo Products, Inc. Introduces V-Station®HD Studio8 Multi-Channel DVR For 8 HDMI Sources

Provides Synchronized 9-Track Video Recording, Multi-Streaming & Switching

Multi-Channel DVR pioneer FutureVideo Products, Inc. added a new model to its revolutionary V- Station HD Studio8 Multi-Channel DVR Systems range. The new model has 8 x mini-HDMI source inputs. The newest V-Station HD Studio8 (HDMI) model is able to simultaneously record 8 video channels of full HD 1080p @ 60fps (Blu-ray quality) video in H.264 format with perfect channel synchronization. It performs live switching—with on-the-fly real time editing which generates the line-cuts (EDL)—while simultaneously recording the output program as a 9th video track and streaming it live.

Using the V- Station HD Studio8 Multi-Channel DVR System, costly switchers and 3rd party streaming devices are unnecessary. Moreover, Studio8 has a built-in FTP uploader and the ability to send the line- cut to YouTube live or immediately after the shoot.

Designed for advanced multi-cam video production and observation/analysis applications, the new V-Station HD Studio8 enables content creators to record and view all 8 HDMI cameras in a multi-camera, multi-angle, or multi-room application—in one device. If an internet connection is available, the switched output program can be streamed for broadcasting to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or multi-stream of all channels over a private LAN. Up to 320 hours (8 x 40 hours/channel) of total redundant video storage is provided with its dual 1TB RAID1 removable hard drives.

V-Station HD Studio8 models are unlike any other DVR currently available. Their built-in project management system organizes the media and metadata in an SQL database, making it simple to organize and find video clips for backup or transferring the video projects to NLE systems. Using XML project generator & transfer, Studio8 automatically creates the bins and sequences for the NLE system. This eliminates the tedium of organizing and syncing the video content during post-production.Editors will marvel at the workflow benefits.

The newest V-Station HD Studio8 model has eight mini-HDMI inputs (adapters for standard HDMI cables are included) and one HDMI output. An optional add-in panel is available that provides 8 x RCA (phono) analog input channels for embedding external audio in place of the camera audio. Users can control the system for recording and playback simultaneously with either the optional 10.1” USB-powered touch-screen panel or a standard PC monitor, together with the supplied wireless mouse and illuminated keyboard. As with other V-Station HD Studio models, Studio8 (HDMI) is suitable for use in mobile or stationary 19” equipment racks.

According to Stephen Godfrey, FutureVideo’s Director of Business Development, “When budgets favor lower-cost HDMI cameras—but up to 8 of them must be recorded—a solution that delivers all of the paradigm-shifting capabilities and productivity benefits of our V-Station HD Studio range is now available. V-Station HD Studio8 (HDMI) provides users in industry, government, and academia with the extra headroom they need.”

V-Station HD Studio8 (HDMI)’s USA MSRP is only $8,495 and, like all Studio series models, can be customized to meet special user needs.