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FOR-A delivers 4K-Ready System to Citizen TV

Citizen TV, one of Kenya's largest free-to-air television networks, has chosen a 4K-ready production system from FOR-A in itsir new studio for Ramogi TV, a Dholuo language station in Kenya.

Citizen TV was the recipient of a prestigious Communications Authority KUZA Award and Culture Africa Style Award in 2021 and has been witnessing rapid expansion since 2006.  It selected to build a new facility in Nairobi but faced budget restraints and lack of access to a reliable supply of products.

“We looked for technologies and partners that would enable us to reach millions of viewers across Kenya,” said Moses Waweru, Chief Engineer at Citizen TV.  “We chose a 4K-ready system from FOR-A using the HVS-490 production switcher at the heart of the production and a multi-format MFR-3232 router as well as ClassX Mini on-air graphics”.  Despite the compact nature of the products, the solution offers significant engineering and operational benefits, which translated into a very short installation and commissioning time.

“Over the course of the last 6 months, we opted for a consultative approach to identify Citizen TV’s requirements," said Muhammad Mudassir of StreamPort Media. “We finally identified the right solution and tailored a solution made up of best-in-class studio cameras, production system graphics, lighting and transmission”. 

“Through detailed discussions with the StreamPort Media and Citizen TV teams, we understood the client’s priorities and objectives, especially their drive for future scalability to 4K Ultra HD” said Khalid Sweidan, senior sales manager of FOR-A in the Middle East.“

FOR-A, StreamPort Media and Citizen TV worked diligently to meet strict project deadlines and managed to get the studio on-air in a record time on 29th November, 2021.  The studio is now the home of “Mbak Ndalo” and “Thapki“.

”It has been a great pleasure to work with the StreamPort Media and Citizen TV teams in Kenya,” said Khalid Sweidan. “This key reference clearly demonstrates our commitment to grow the African market with focused partners like StreamPort Media, who has successfully completed several installations in Africa in the last 2 years.”