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Verimatrix specializes in securing and enhancing revenue for network-connected devices and services around the globe and is recognized as the global number one in revenue security for IP-based video services. The award-winning and independently audited Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) family of solutions enables next-generation video service providers to cost-effectively extend their networks and enable new business models. The company has continued its technical innovation by offering the world’s only globally interconnected revenue security platform, Verspective™ Intelligence Center, for automated system optimization and data collection/analytics, and Vtegrity™, advanced security that addresses IoT threats and service lifecycle management.

Its unmatched partner ecosystem enables Verimatrix to provide unique business value beyond security as service providers introduce new applications that leverage the proliferation of connected devices. Verimatrix is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. For more information, visit, our Pay TV Views blog and follow us @verimatrixinc, Facebook and LinkedIn to join the conversation.

Product Description

MultiRights™ OTT Plus addresses the multi-DRM quandary and native device DRM limitations, plus offers powerful delivery and analytics tools in a flexible, cost-effective package.

Video service operators don’t want to have to deal with the complexity of rights management across a fast moving and increasingly divided world of consumer electronic devices and desktop browsers. Any glitches in entitlement can compromise consumers' enjoyment of the content they want. The Verimatrix MultiRights OTT Plus solution provides a frictionless user experience utilizing a secure media player and uniform interface across all client devices. It is available for deployment on-premise, via Verimatrix Secure Cloud hosting (AWS), or through a third-party partner of the operator’s choosing.

VCAS Ultra™, the next generation of the Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) architecture, offers progressive operators the leading-edge multi-network revenue security approach that they want, with the flexibility and scalability they need to meet their future goals for growth.

VCAS Ultra prepares operators for new premium service delivery of UHD/4K content. Operators are able to extend their reach to premium UHD services and advanced hybrid network deployments that meet, or even exceed, content providers’ requirements for protection of UHD content. VCAS Ultra features enhanced content security profiles designed according to MovieLabs’ defined UHD service requirements—including fully integrated multi-network VideoMark™ forensic watermarking technology, as well as TEE support.

Verimatrix Verspective™ Intelligence Center offers a cloud-based security platform that provides a sophisticated, globally interconnected resource for optimizing VCAS configuration, performance and threat resilience.

Verspective also acts as the foundation for data collection services that can support a wide variety of analysis and visualization tools, which maximize competitiveness. Verspective significantly extends the value proposition for VCAS and ViewRight security solutions including:

  • Verpsective Operator Analytics - Verspective Operator Analytics is an extensible suite of subscriber intelligence tools designed from the ground up to emphasize data security and integrity as a foundation for actionable intelligence. The solution was honored for its ability to help next-generation video operators uncover new revenue opportunities by providing a combination of real-time and historical perspectives into subscriber behaviors and usage habits.
  • Verspective Monitoring - Improves responsiveness in addressing network integrity issues by analyzing threat activity. This service includes evaluation of content redistribution threats through watermarking extraction and interpretation for VideoMark customers.

Verimatrix Watermarking Solutions enable pay-TV business models that feature high-value programming including Ultra HD (UHD)/4K, Live Sports and Early Release Window content. Protecting both devices and users, Verimatrix offers server-and-client-side watermarking with:

  • StreamMark® - StreamMark supports a highly efficient server-side process to embed robust, secure and imperceptible watermarks in digital content before delivery to each client device.

  • VideoMark® - The VideoMark watermarking solution is comprised of time-proven technologies combined with innovative approaches. It enables rights owners and pay TV operators to directly address key challenges in maximizing the revenue potential of high value content such as live action sports, UHD/4K video and premium, early release video-on-demand.
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