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6059 Cornerstone Court West
San Diego California 92121-3713
United States

Phone: 858-677-7800
Fax: 858-677-7804
Web site:
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Verimatrix specializes in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-network, multi-screen digital TV services around the globe. The award-winning and independently audited Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) and ViewRight® solutions enable cable, satellite, terrestrial, IPTV and OTT operators to cost-effectively extend their networks and enable new business models.

As the established leader in cardless security solutions, the company has leveraged its innovative 3-Dimensional Security approach to provide a harmonized rights platform for premium content delivery to a range of devices over new hybrid network combinations.

Product Description

The VCAS platform and architecture is the realization of the Verimatrix 3-dimensional digital-TV security strategy, which extends beyond the legacy conditional access (CA) approach in order to protect pay-tv services delivered to any screen over any network while combating any threat.

VCAS enables a number of network specific solutions built on a common platform with modular extensions per market segment. It implements a single security authority for multiple networks and devices, supporting various video and digital rights management (DRM) formats while providing a harmonized cross-network entitlement management for OTT, IPTV, DVB networks.

Online Resources
  • Future of Cardless Broadcast Security - White Paper from Farncombe
    Farncombe takes an in-depth look at the trends in technology and cost models that are driving operator requirements for video security in a rapidly evolving marketplace. The white paper incorporates results from Farncombe’s Security and Piracy Survey, which found that the pay-TV industry’s main piracy concern over the next five years is shifting from control word sharing, which is viewed as the largest threat today, to actual redistribution of content over the Internet.
  • Content Security Requirements for Multi-Screen Video Services
    Verimatrix teamed with Bill Rosenblatt of GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies to develop the most comprehensive guide available today on how TV Everywhere-type services are affecting traditional licensing and security rules. Based on extensive research with major Hollywood studios and other content owners, we have found that content protection requirements contain many subtleties and are in states of flux regarding various criteria. Our examination of content owners' policies reveals important benchmarks and trends in protection requirements.
  • The Impact of Adaptive Rate Streaming: A Primer for Digital TV Executives
    This primer provides the latest information on the leading adaptive rate streaming solutions and provides a guide as digital TV operators evaluate their OTT strategy. Written by Benjamin Schwarz, founder of CTO innovation Consulting, this paper is sponsored by Verimatrix and Harmonic. The companies have developed an integrated solution that that leverages the HTTP Live Streaming adaptive bitrate standard to securely deliver video services to multiple devices. To learn more, please register to download the primer below.
  • Adaptive Streaming: Pay-TV at an Inflection Point
    This white paper addresses the monetization of a content bouquet across a multi-network, multi-screen delivery environment and makes the case for a change of direction in traditional pay-TV delivery to better address current network configuration issues and to extend the reach of the pay-TV services beyond the living room.
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    Sign up for our monthly newsletter that reports on news and events shaping the pay-TV industry and how the role of content security is evolving.
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