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Jose Castillo

Jose Castillo is a new media marketing and technology consultant. He balances a healthy love of all things geeky with his passion for new ideas and innovation in business. Blogging, podcasting, and gadgets give him an outlet to talk about web 2.0, Latin jazz, ugly shirts, and how ideas are the currency of the future.

Articles By Jose Castillo

Streaming Media West '15: EuclidIQ Debuts IQ264x, Tackles Complex Video Problems

Streaming Media's Jose Castillo interviews EuclidIQ founder and CEO Richard Wingard about the new IQ264X compression tool, model re-use, and the current and future state of the encoding market at Streaming Media West 2015.
Spotlights, Posted 20 Nov 2015

4K Video Shows Promise, But Now Is Not the Time to Buy

Thinking about running a 4K? While early adopters with fat wallets are buying UHD televisions, most people should wait for more content and lower prices.
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Apr 2014

Free Streaming Options Increase for Cord-Cutters

Finding premium content online is easier than ever. This is true TV Everywhere: plenty of content and no pay TV subscription required.
Featured Articles, Posted 31 Dec 2013

The Netflix Way: Learning from Failure, Constantly Innovating

When Blockbuster laughed at a partnership proposal from Netflix in 2000, it jumpstarted one of the most revolutionary companies of our time.
Featured Articles, Posted 06 Dec 2013

Learn the Hidden Laws of Online Video

Video-makers who don't know the Wadsworth Constant are wasting 30 percent of their audience's time. Get to the point already!
Featured Articles, Posted 07 Oct 2013

Screens Multiply With Larger and Smaller Sizes

The science fiction future is here, with personalized wearable screens and giant home movie screens shaping tomorrow's home.
Featured Articles, Posted 03 Jul 2013

Vine Offers Snack-Sized Videos for Distracted Viewers

Brands such as Trident Gum, Taco Bell, and Rolling Stone are embracing Vine, which does for video what Twitter did for blogging.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 Apr 2013

The Rise of the Second Screen: Zeebox, GetGlue, Viggle, and More

Are companion apps the wave of the future or a passing fad? Here are the best tablet and smartphone apps for staying engaged while watching TV.
Featured Articles, Posted 15 Apr 2013

NBC Has Two Years to Create a Better Olympic Viewing Experience

A lesson for NBC from down on the farm: If you can't escape your problems, you might have to buckle down and fix them.
Featured Articles, Posted 04 Oct 2012

Be Unsatisfied! Demand Technology that Works as it Should

For anyone not getting the results they need from technology, be like blues great Blind Lemon Jefferson and demand something that works better.
Featured Articles, Posted 08 Aug 2012

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