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Am Borsigturm 40
Berlin 13507

Phone: +493043032411
Fax: +493043032413
Web site:

nanocosmos, Berlin-based, 20 years of video and audio expertise, enables worldwide interactive live streaming with ultra-low latency for your business.

nanoStream Cloud includes the unique nanoStream H5Live Player for ultra-low latency live video and audio playback on all HTML5 browsers and devices.

Powerful Live Encoding can be added with our nanoStream Apps and SDKs and plugin-free in the browser with nanoStream

nanoStream Cloud is a scalable solution for use cases where every second counts. You can use it completely end-to end or as low latency CDN to extend your existing live streaming workflows. Go live around the world in 1 second!

Product Description

nanoStream Cloud including the unique H5Live Player has come to set a new era in ultra-low latency live streaming. Following the rise of interactive use cases, nanocosmos cloud solution was created to fulfil all the needs of different live streaming businesses and use cases. nanoStream Cloud includes:

  • nanoStream H5Live Player: unique, plugin-free, HTML5-based playout technology for ultra-low-latency on any desktop and mobile device, including Safari on iOS
  • easy dashboard management and REST API for creating and managing live streams, an auto-scaling origin/edge server setup for worldwide streaming
  • worldwide CDN: low-latency CDN for easily scaling live streams worldwide

nanoStream Cloud is super flexible and is available on different setup options:

  • Fresh start - use nanoStream Cloud as your end-to-end solution or;
  • Integrate to your existing workflow - use nanoStream Cloud as your ultra-low latency CDN, and add nanoStream H5Live Player to your own web pages

nanoStream Cloud also has great Add-ons to power your live stream. Use the nanoStream Live Encoder SDK’s for desktop and mobile platforms or the browser-based for true end-to-end live streaming.

Online Resources
  • nanoStream Cloud (free trial)
    nanoStream Cloud including nanoStream H5Live Player is the perfect solution for interactive live streaming.Try it!
  • nanoStream H5Live Player (free trial)
    nanoStream H5Live player is the perfect solution for ultra-low latency live audio/video playback! The unique H5Live technology is part of nanoStream Cloud.
  • nanoStream (free trial)
    Try our nanoStream solution - for plugin-free web based video communication and broadcast.
  • nanoStream SDKs and Apps
    Develop high quality live streaming apps for web and mobile with the nanoStream SDKs and Apps. All products ensure low latency with H.264/AAC/RTMP encoding & streaming. Cross-platform compatibility (iOS/Android, Win/Mac).
  • Bring your live streaming business to a new era with nanoStream Cloud
    Are you looking for interactive live streaming? We help you: nanoStream Cloud sets a new live streaming era by bringing together a cloud-based, end-to-end and ultra-low-latency solution which works on ALL HTML5 browsers, including Safari on iOS
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