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Tulix Systems
1002 Hemphill Ave NW
Atlanta GA 30318
United States

Phone: 404-584-5035
Fax: 404-584-5079
Web site:
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Tulix Systems provides content owners, IPTV operators, publishers and networks the most complete end-to-end streaming solutions with real-time analytics.

For over a decade, the Tulix team has worked with clients of all sizes to create custom platforms that offer viewers the best live streaming experience using the Tulix state-of-the-art CDN, specifically designed for Live Streaming. Your Live, Linear, DVR, and VOD content will now reach global audiences on all major OTT platforms, including Roku, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and iOS.

Tulix will build you a monetization and streaming platform (subscription, pay-per-view, ad-insertion), which delivers a profitable business from the start.

Product Description

CDN - Deliver live and on-demand content to audiences of all sizes around the world on every device with Tulix's streaming-optimized network, which chooses dynamically between four Tier 1 internet backbones to ensure maximum quality and stability.

End-to-End OTT Solutions  - Enhance your stream using a variety of available features, including adaptive birate and DVR recording. Expand your audience with custom applications developed for you by Tulix on all major OTT platforms, including Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and iOS. Monetize your content using Tulix's subscription/pay-per-view billing systems or ad-insertion software.

Broadcast Services in the Cloud: Linear stream playout and ad-insertion management are made globally accessible and more efficient using Tulix's cloud. Upload content, manage it, and make it available anywhere in the world with the power of Tulix's route-optimized CDN.

Online Resources
  • OTT and IPTV Streaming Solution
    Monetize your streamed content on all devices using Tulix’s End-To-End OTT and IPTV Streaming Solution. Whether you deliver content over the internet (OTT) or via a closed network (IPTV), we can help you generate subscription and pay-per-view revenue from live, linear, DVR, and VOD content. Start your own pay-TV business or create your own multi channel service offer. All you need is the content, we provide the solution to help you stream and monetize it.
  • Broadcaster and Linear TV
    Broadcaster and Linear TV operators can stream live and linear content globally to viewers on all devices on the TulixCDN, built specifically for optimal streaming video delivery. Broadcasters all around the world choose Tulix to deliver their live and linear content to viewers on all devices because of our superior streaming network, expertise, and consultative approach in finding the right solution to match their needs.
  • Faith-Based and House of Worship
    Ministries and faith-based broadcasters around the world use streaming as a way to give their existing followers additional means to watch their content, and as a means of spreading their message to new people all around the world. Tulix has worked extensively with organizations of all sizes, from small churches streaming and recording their sermons, to large faith-based broadcasters on satellite and terrestrial channels, to build their digital presence and stream their content to viewers around the world on all devices.
  • Online Video Platform (OVP)
    Our online video platform (OVP) includes everything you need to host, manage, stream, and monetize your TV shows, films, instructional videos, and any other recorded content. All you need to do is provide the content, and we’ll help you get it on all screens for viewers worldwide. We can help you generate subscription and pay-per-view revenue from your content and start your own pay-TV business or create your own Netflix.
  • Live Event Streaming
    A reliable streaming infrastructure is crucial for event streaming. Unlike a static video, this is live, so there is no rewind or catch-up if the stream hits a snag. Tulix’s infrastructure was built specifically to provide the highest quality, most reliable live streaming possible, so event streaming is where we excel. Whether you’re streaming the local high school soccer game or a massive concert, we’ll help you package, monetize, and deliver your content to get it in front of audiences of any size, all over the world, on any screen.
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