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Biographical Information
Dan Rayburn
Executive Vice President

Dan Rayburn is EVP for and is recognized by many as the voice for the streaming and online video industry. He is a sought after analyst, speaker, writer and consultant who's work has been featured in hundreds of articles by nearly every major media outlet over the past fourteen years. He co-founded one of the industry's first webcasting companies acquired by Digital Island and has his own line of books with eight titles available. He is a regular analyst to the investment community and has his own blog at and is a principal analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

Dan Rayburn is recognized by many as the “voice for the streaming media industry” and as one of the Internet industry's foremost authorities, speakers, and writers on streaming and online video technologies for the past fourteen years. As a passionate leader and spokesperson, Dan is widely known for his experience and vision pertaining to both the business and the technology of online video in the U.S. and abroad. His expertise includes technology solutions, business strategy, content syndication and distribution and industry foresight in the media, enterprise, broadcast, publishing, advertising and enterprise industries.

He is Executive Vice President for, a diversified news media company responsible for educating the streaming media industry and companies using online video technologies. Its website (, print publication (Streaming Media magazine) and tradeshows (Streaming Media East, West and Europe) are considered the premier destinations both in person and online for professionals seeking industry news, articles, white papers, directories, how-to's and tutorials. He also has his own blog about the online video business at and is a principal analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

Prior to, he founded a streaming media services division for the Globix Corporation, a publicly traded NASDAQ company, which became one of the largest global streaming media service providers specializing in on-site event production for webcasts around the world. Prior to Globix, he co-founded one of the industry's first streaming media webcasting production companies, Live On Line, successfully acquired by Digital Island for $70 million dollars.

An established writer, Dan's articles on streaming and online video trends and technologies have been translated into four languages and are regularly published in major trade magazines and web portals around the world. He is Series Editor for a series of streaming media related books for Focal Press entitled “The Dan Rayburn Hands On Guide” Series, with 8 titles available in print. He is also co-author of the first business focused book on the industry, “The Business of Streaming & Digital Media” and authored a book in the NAB Executive Technology Briefings series entitled “Streaming and Digital Media.”

Regularly consulted by the media for insight into business trends and technology, Mr. Rayburn has been featured in hundreds of print and on-line articles that have appeared in The New York Times, The Seattle Times, Crain's B2B Weekly, Broadcasting & Cable, Electronic Media,, POST Magazine, ProAV Magazine, INS Asia,, Radio Ink, EContent Magazine, Nikke Electronics and among others. He has also appeared on many TV programs including those on CNN and CBS.

Dan also consults for corporations who are implementing online video in the broadcast, wireless, IPTV, advertising and cable industries. Over the past ten years he has helped develop, consult, and implement streaming media solutions for prestigious companies in the enterprise, entertainment and government sectors including A&E, ABC, Apple, Atlantic Records, American Express, BMG, BP, CBS, Cisco, Elektra,, HBO, House Of Blues, ifilm, Indy 500, Intel, ITN, KPMG, Microsoft, MTV,, Pepsi, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Qualcomm, RealNetworks, Sony Music, Twentieth Century Fox, United Nations, Viacom, VH1 and Warner Brothers among others.

For the past ten years, Dan has traveled internationally as a featured industry expert and has been sought out to keynote and speak on the current and future direction of streaming media technology, trends and business cases. A current technology advisor to many universities in the U.S., he has also taught Internet Broadcasting classes at New York University (NYU) and regularly lectures at numerous academic institutions. He is also co-founder of with the Seattle Community Colleges, which focuses on teaching people the business and legal issues surrounding the implementation of streaming and online video via on-demand training delivered to the desktop.

Dan also holds board positions with various technology corporations in the U.S. and Europe and works with many non-profit organizations enabling them to utilize streaming media for their projects including The Museum of the Moving Image and the X PRIZE Foundation.

Articles By Dan Rayburn

Cicso Plans an End Run Around Greedy Patent Pools With Thor

There are now two HEVC patent pools with a third one on the way. But with enough industry support Cisco could create a high-quality royalty-free alternative.
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Aug 2015

Boycott HEVC Advance! Say No to the Patent Pool's Unjust Terms

Columnist Dan Rayburn calls on the online video industry to band together and refuse HEVC Advance's unfair, unreasonable, and greedy charges.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 Aug 2015

HEVC Advance Announces Royalty Rates, Wants 0.5% of Gross Revenue

Licensing costs for Netflix and Facebook would total over $100 million per year, and terms are retroactive. Group calls terms "fair and reasonable."
Featured Articles, Posted 22 Jul 2015

HEVC Advance Patent Pool Creates Confusion, Lacks Transparency

Details are sparse about HEVC Advance. The industry knew a second HEVC pool might form, but why do patent holders have a problem with MPEG LA?
Featured Articles, Posted 16 Jul 2015

FCC's "Open Internet" Proposal Fails to Address Real Issues

In the latest salvo in the debate over "net neutrality," the FCC released a fact sheet outlining proposed rules, but they don't address interconnection and ISP competition
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Feb 2015

Commentary: Stream Optimization Vendors Need to Be More Open

Stream optimization holds great promise, particularly in the OTT space, but vendors need to do a better job of educating the market about what they can accomplish—and what it costs
Featured Articles, Posted 26 Jan 2015

Ugly Net Neutrality Debate Full of Illogical Ideas and Assumptions

Net neutrality is a an incredibly complex set of problems that politicians and pundits oversimplify
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Nov 2014

Cogent Says it Slowed Down Netflix Traffic Earlier This Year

ISP admits that it created a "fast lane" for non-Netflix traffic in February and March, right around the time Netflix signed an interconnection deal with Comcast
Online Video News, Posted 05 Nov 2014

Don't Blame the ISPs! Netflix's Choices Caused Massive Slowdown

Everyone's favorite SVOD is quick to point the finger and demand greater net neutrality, but new data shows Netflix's choices led to widespread harm.
Featured Articles, Posted 29 Oct 2014

Apple's $100M Investment Marks a Shift Away From Third-Party CDNs

Apple is known for controlling the customer experience, so creating its own delivery infrastructure was the final piece of the puzzle.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Oct 2014

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