Streaming Media West 2007
The Business & Technology Of Online Video
November 6-8, 2007 - (Preconference Workshops: Monday, November 5)
San Jose McEnery Convention Center • San Jose, CA
Matt Smith
Executive Director, Business Development & Strategy
Comcast Technology Solutions

Matt Smith is a recognized digital media industry evangelist and thought leader, having spoken at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, IBC, TVNext, Streaming Media East & West, NewTeeVee and Digital Hollywood among others.

Matt has held a variety of key roles in video technology in his career. He's presently involved in Strategy and Business Development for Comcast Technology Solutions, helping to solve the most complex problems facing video providers today, leveraging the massive scale and expertise of the Comcast platform.

Previously, Matt was part of the leadership team at Brightcove, one of the largest online video platforms on the market. He also served as senior staff and Chief Evangelist for Anvato - a turnkey video platform solution that was acquired by Google in 2016. Prior to Anvato, Matt was Vice President, Technology for Chideo - a next generation network for charitable giving, connecting fans with the personalities they follow and providing exclusive media experiences on any screen. Chideo is founded by Internet pioneer and billionaire philanthropist Todd Wagner. Previously, Matt was Vice President, Internet Television at Envivio, Smith worked closely with premier customers and technology partners like Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, to ensure that key digital media strategies are carefully planned and brought to market quickly & successfully. In addition to his architectural duties, Matt has deep expertise in the adaptive bitrate technologies that are revolutionizing the streaming and digital media spaces. Prior to joining Envivio, Smith was an Architect at Cisco Systems and Vice President and Chief Systems Architect at Inlet Technologies. Prior to Inlet, Smith served as a key video architect and evangelist for Yahoo!, where he worked for 9 years, designing, delivering and managing leading-edge video compression technologies and workflows to execute live events and create other digital media offerings. Prior to Yahoo!, Smith spent several years at NBC, first at the affiliate level and later with the network..

Watch all of Matt Smith's Streaming Media presentations at the Streaming Media Conference Video Portal.

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Ashwin Navin
President and Co-founder
BitTorrent, Inc.
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National Geographic Digital Media
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Chairman & CEO
Limelight Networks

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