Streaming Media West 2007
The Business & Technology Of Online Video
November 6-8, 2007 - (Preconference Workshops: Monday, November 5)
San Jose McEnery Convention Center • San Jose, CA
Streaming Media West Exhibitors
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Adobe Booth 507
Visit Adobe at SMW to see our latest range of web and streaming solutions including Flash authoring tools, Adobe Media Player and Flash Media Server. See how Flash technology delivers the most effective experiences for rich content, applications and communications across browsers, operating systems, and devices. For more information, please visit us at Booth# 507, or

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Internap Booth 601
Internap is a leading Internet solutions company that provides The Ultimate Online Experience by managing, delivering and distributing applications and content with unsurpassed performance and reliability. With a global platform of data centers, managed IP services, a content delivery network (CDN), and content monetization services, Internap frees its customers to innovate their business and create new revenue opportunities.

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Limelight Networks Booth 407
Limelight Networks is the leading CDN for digital media. Limelight's global content delivery services are designed for on-demand and live delivery of video, music, games, and social media to broadband and mobile audiences. Limelight leads the industry in "Delivering the Digital Lifestyle.

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America Online Booth 414/416

BroadRamp Inc. Booth 623
BroadRamp, Inc of San Antonio, TX is a full-service content delivery solutions provider dedicated to ushering an offline world of content online - into a highly interactive, dynamic, rich multimedia Internet experience that is unrivalled in the industry. BroadRamp's Managed Content Delivery Services (MCDS) combines CDS encoding/compression, managed hosting, streaming media, and a managed content delivery network with multi-source distribution, into a single cohesive offering that allows clients to work with one provider while significantly reducing their current costs of online content distribution.

GNi Booth 424/426

Ignite Technologies, privately-held and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, provides the industry's most secure and scalable Content Delivery Solution enabling customers to efficiently publish, deliver and manage digital assets?from rich media content for communications and training to software patches and virus updates to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

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Level 3 Communications is the choice for companies who need the surest way to deliver content. Whether you're broadcasting live events in HD, distributing video, providing gaming services, scaling Web sites to handle flash crowds, or handling advertising insertions, software downloads or user-generated content, our complete portfolio of services supports early-stage companies to global brands. We reach 18 of the top 20 broadband ISPs in North America accounting for 75 percent of eyeballs to shorten your distance to global Internet destinations. Level 3 is the industry leader to trust for network scalability, international coverage and superior performance.

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Microsoft Booth 413
From HD optical disc to IPTV, from broadband and VoD to portable devices and phones, tools built on the Microsoft VC-1 Encoder deliver market-leading video quality across multiple experiences. At SMW, we'll showcase tools built on the Microsoft VC-1 Encoder covering a broad spectrum of workflows and user scenarios.

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Mirror Image Booth 402
Mirror Image Internet's patented global network reliably streams video and audio content to users around the world, regardless of location or traffic bursts. With comprehensive capabilities and an easy-to-use Web-based management tool, the Mirror Image single-source solution enables companies to easily publish, manage, deliver and analyze their streaming media activity.

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NaviSite, Inc. Booth 622
NaviSite is the leading, single-source provider of content delivery and hosting solutions, offering complete accountability across the delivery continuum. Our Content Delivery and Acceleration services extend beyond the network to drive rich media and application content into the hands of clients, end users, and partners. From complex streaming and everyday caching of HTML to file downloads and application acceleration, NaviSite's Content Delivery and Acceleration Services place the value of online content within reach of every organization.

Peering Portal Booth 613
Peering Portal is at the forefront of multimedia streaming software based on Grid Delivery Technology. Peering Portal's software is the most widely applied grid delivery solution in the market, including the AoD, VoD and IPTV sectors. The value proposition is the significant reduction of both network bandwidth and the number of servers, up to 95%, with proven QoS and enhanced reliability, speed and security.

Qumu, Inc. Booth 518/520
Media Publisher offers a complete software solution that centrally manages the video communications lifecycle, simplifying how organizations create, publish, manage, report, and deliver thousands of live and on-demand webcasts securely across private networks. Customers worldwide, including eBay and AT&T rely on Media Publisher and its award-winning commitment to customer value.

RealNetworks Booth 701
RealNetworks is the leader in digital media delivery. With multi-format Helix software from Real, encode and broadcast your content to PCs or mobile devices. Or outsource your content delivery including Windows Media, Flash Video and live events to Real's own hosting provider, the Real Broadcast Network. Visit and for info.

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thePlatform Booth 607

VBrick Systems Booth 422

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Velocix Booth 620
CacheLogic is a global provider of Content Delivery Network (CDN) services. With its innovative new network and groundbreaking asset-based business model, CacheLogic has revolutionized both the "mechanics" and economics of content delivery, enabling the Internet to become the preferred delivery mechanism for large digital media assets.

Exhibiting Companies
Abacast, Inc. Booth 717
Abacast unique technology is the cornerstone of a full service CDN product offering that includes live and on-demand streaming, unicast, peer-to-peer, and hybrid delivery options, ad/content Injection, detailed real-time statistics and royalty reporting, digital rights management, IP geo-coding and blocking, subscription systems, encoding software, media player/web design and 24/7 premium service, education, and support.

Amity Systems Booth 406
Amity Systems is a leading service provider of high-quality IP-based, audio, video conferencing, application collaboration to consumers and businesses across North America, Canada, Asia Pacific, Australia and Europe. the company offers an unmatched global presence and strong local support. The company offers strong local support and services to meet the full range of communication needs from video chat, Webnar to collaborative team meetings.

BandCon Booth 528
BandCon is a content delivery network provider for large Internet-based content owners. The company develops custom network solutions for IP transit, transport, content delivery networking (CDN), peering, colocation/power, and managed services that are unmatched in terms of flexibility and scalability. All BandCon services are available la carte or bundled to meet specific customer requirements.

BayTSP Booth 628
BayTSP's Internet tracking and removal services for digital content owners protects their valuable properties from illegal distribution. BayTSP is showcasing it's newest and most innovative tracking system, the Content Authentication Platform (CAP), which provides content owners with a safe and secure way to monitor their copyrighted videos on UGC sites.

Digital Fountain Booth 627
Digital Fountain is a leading provider of advanced standardized solutions for digital media delivery, even in the most challenging network environments. Digital Fountain solutions are currently deployed in advanced IPTV, CDN, and mobile delivery applications throughout the world, and have been adopted by leading global standards bodies, including DVB, and 3GPP. Many other standards bodies are currently evaluating DF Raptor as a best practices standard for digital media delivery. Partners and customers include leading global companies such as Cisco Systems, Sumitomo Electric Networks, Northrop Grumman, KDDI, SK Telecom, Sirius Satellite Radio, XM Radio, Sony, Nokia, and many more. 

Digital Rapids Booth 526
Digital Rapids develops market-leading hardware and software solutions for capturing, encoding, transcoding, streaming and delivering content -- with emphasis on the network-enabled platforms defining the future of digital video. Digital Rapids products empower applications including IPTV, VOD, post production, web streaming, mobile video, corporate and government communications, education, archive and more.

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EdgeCast Networks Booth 723
Delivering any data, anywhere, anytime, EdgeCast is the world's fastest and most reliable content delivery network.

Electrotank, Inc. Booth 429

Force10 Networks Booth 522
Force10 Networks is a pioneer in building and securing reliable, high performance networks. Committed to delivering the innovative and reliable technology that will allow customers to transform their networks into strategic assets, Force10 has pioneered advances in high density Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching, routing and security.

Influxis Booth 723
Influxis is a Flash Media Server specialist company fueled by an innovative team of professional developers driven to enhance the Flash experience. Combining true RTMP streaming, instantly deployable applications, and affordable hosting, Influxis services businesses, universities, and designers worldwide with exceptional customer support. For more information, visit

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Itiva Networks Booth 521
Itiva Networks is the first cost-effective Video Content Delivery Network. The Itiva Delivery Network is widely scalable and efficient, allowing delivery of DVD or HD quality content to mass audiences in a cost-effective manner. Itiva's Quantum Transport Technology increases bottom line revenue for leading media companies and enables new business models in the rapidly escalating content delivery market.

Live Global Bid Booth 719
Proven live streaming technology Our online solution provides the most advanced live streaming technology in the industry. Our core product offers you: high quality streaming video at 15 -30 frames per second at 320 x 240 resolution, high quality streaming audio with less than 1/3 second delay, customized interfaces reflecting the look and feel of your company, friendly, courteous customer service Booth 418 powers sites to invite video submission, video discovery, and video community features. The free service allows anyone to create a Social Media Network with drag and drop simplicity. provides powerful video search and sharing tools, as well as an open ad management service, that allows sites to drive traffic and new revenues as video traffic grows.

Mediasite Booth 210

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Mzima Networks is the premier high-performance network service provider. Mzima is the leading provider of 10 Gig solutions for streaming media applications, operating a Force10-powered backbone network designed for limitless capacity and extreme performance. With network reach around the world, Mzima delivers streaming video to endusers worldwide.

Netbriefings Booth 425
Netbriefings is the leading webcast technology provider with flash solutions for smaller, rich media presentations and streaming solutions for secure large audience meetings. Proclaim, its new rich media webcast communication tool, is like YouTube on steroids! Easily incorporates video, slides, images and pre-produced rolled-in video into live and on-demand presentations!

NetStairs is the only intelligent media delivery enabler. Our media-streaming servers focused on unicast, broadcast and interactive communications serving CDN providers, Fortune 500 Firms, Ad-Agencies, Media Publishers amongst other businesses worldwide. How? By utilizing creative, client-centric push-pull interactive marketing strategies combined with our IV~8(R) ad-servers and e-IV8(R) entertainment servers, your content's availability no longer depends on desktop settings, bandwith limitations, specific media player, and yes it plays on most mobile devices.

OmniBus provides media and entertainment organizations around the world with innovative, highly reliable and cost-effective broadcast automation, content management and workflow solutions. iTX from OmniBus is a revolutionary, next-generation software-based production and playout solution that uses standard IT hardware and advanced software technology to deliver channels quickly and affordably.

On2 Technologies Booth 525
On2 Technologies is a leader in video compression software and solutions. On2's TrueMotion codecs have more than 1 billion deployments worldwide, and are the de-facto industry. On2's Flix product line offers the industry's broadest encoding solutions for the leading video compression formats including H.264 and VP6 for Adobe Flash Player.

Peer 1 Booth 410
Boost your performance with North America's fastest and most reliable Internet network and CDN. PEER 1's scalable bandwidth, co-location and dedicated hosting packages backed by our 100% uptime guarantee, ensure your server and website run in peak condition every time. With 12 state-of-the-art data centers across North America, 24/7 support and a world-class infrastructure built for action, you�ll never be in better shape. Contact PEER 1 today.

Pogo Linux, Inc. Booth 626
Founded in 1999, Pogo Linux is a trusted provider of computing hardware that leads the industry in quality, reliability, and value. The Pogo product line is unique and offers something for all levels of the creative environment, from content production workstations, to powerful server farms, to interoperable storage devices that excel in Windows, Mac, and Linux environments.

Accordent provides enterprise-wide rich media communications solutions that enable world-class organizations to inform, train and engage their audiences online. More than 1500 customers worldwide rely on Accordent solutions to create, manage, distribute and measure the effectiveness of their multimedia presentation assets. Learn more about Accordent's award-winning products at

Rhozet Booth 720
Rhozet is dedicated to providing media transcoding solutions to the broadcasting, VOD, web, and mobile markets. Rhozet's Carbon Coder and Carbon Server products support the complete range of media formats including MXF and H.264, and have an easy-to-use interface as well as an XML-based SDK for complete programmatic control.

RipCode, Inc. Booth 527
RipCode is the first company to address video transcoding as a network appliance. Designed for consolidated, high concurrency processing, RipCode supports both file-to-file and stream-to-stream transcoding in a single 1 RU appliance and can replace between 10 - 20 general process transcode servers, significantly reducing an operator's overall hardware, storage and energy use.

SkyPro AG Booth 523
Since 1999 SKyPRO AG is a industry-leading digital media delivery provider and offers a complete range of streaming media and delivery services. SKyPRO created a very large and powerful distribution platform for streaming digital media content. Many radio stations, broadcasters, telecom and media companies in Europe rely on SKyPRO's content and delivery network. We deliver audio and video contents to 100,000s of consumer on a daily basis.

Skytide Booth 713
Skytide delivers a next-generation analytical solution built to handle the extreme volumes of today's new and highly diverse data including network flow logs, web traffic, play lists, program downloads, advertising content, Ecommerce submissions, and more. With Skytide, you can blend all of your data to reveal new trends and unknown revenue opportunities in near real-time. Skytide is headquartered in San Mateo, CA.

Solid State Networks provides peer-assisted content delivery solutions via its proprietary Solid Axis' technology. This multi-source, multi-protocol system delivers speed, cost-savings, unparalleled branding options, a transparent user experience and the ability to adapt to any delivery scenario. With Solid State Networks you can deliver at the speed of demand.

Streaming Media Hosting is a full-service CDN that can stream your content live and on-demand as well as handle production, encoding and integration. Excellence, Reliability, Affordability, and Speed. We focus on understanding our client's needs, developing innovative solutions, and delivering world class experiences with our state of the art infrastructure. From Digital Rights Management to sophisticated dynamic reporting tools, Streaming Media Hosting delivers.

Swarmcast Booth 420
Swarmcast provides multi-source streaming services that afford significant improvements in scale, user experience and video quality when compared to traditional, single-source streaming. Our suite of services enable full-screen HD-quality streaming for both live and on-demand video, and are employed in the most innovative, high-quality video applications on the Internet.

TalkPoint Booth 721
TalkPoint delivers the Tools, Technology and Services for Interactive Internet Broadcasting. TalkPoint specializes in Web-based audio and video Webcasting solutions. TalkPoint's technology is built on our reliable internally developed system which provides a product that is both industrial strength and user friendly.

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Tremor Media Booth 725
Tremor Media provides advertisers with both in-banner and in-stream video advertising opportunities on over 800 top-tier publisher sites with more than 85 million unique visitors per month. Tremor also provides publishers with a full suite of products and services to monetize streaming video and maximize ROI. Tremor's full service solutions offer the necessary tools for advertisers and publishers to utilize online video advertising as a powerful interactive medium. For more information visit:

ViewCast Booth 419
Founded in 1995, ViewCast, the worldwide leader in networked video communications, develops video and audio communication products for delivering media dynamically via a variety of network types and protocols. These products include Osprey Video capture cards and Niagara video encoders/servers featuring Niagara SCX encoder management software.

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Winnov Booth 529
Winnov is a pioneer and innovator in advanced rich media technology solutions. Since 1992, our clients have been leveraging Winnov’s solutions for a multitude of applications including streaming, surveillance, enterprise communications and distance learning. Products include CBOX 3 presentation capture appliance, XstreamEngine streaming/archiving systems, and Videum® professional A/V capture boards.

Wowza Media Systems is an emerging interactive streaming media server software leader. Its flagship product, Wowza Media Server Pro, is a innovative, high-performance, scalable RTMP Flash streaming server with a total cost of ownership up to 80% less than the leading alternative, Adobe Flash Media Server. Visit Wowza at

XVD Booth 427
XVD Technology Holdings presents the most innovative, most cost-effective and highest-performing real-time video streaming solutions for IP and satellite/microwave networks. 

From small screen, ulta-low bandwith applications to high-quality HD at SD bit-rates, XVDTH offers a solution for your video streaming needs.

ZoomVid LLP Booth 623
Powered by BroadRamp's innovative, superior rich multimedia delivery technology, provides immediate sharing of video, photo, and textual content within highly secure environments catering to the diverse needs of the consumer, corporate and government communities. Say goodbye to the sluggish world of media players, plug-ins or codecs and experience the freedom and satisfaction ZoomVid brings to the world of social networking


Ashwin Navin
President and Co-founder
BitTorrent, Inc.
Erick Hachenburg
Betsy Scolnik
National Geographic Digital Media
Jeff Lunsford
Chairman & CEO
Limelight Networks

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