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Streaming Media Magazine: February/March 2011 (Sourcebook)
by | The online video industry is a mess—and we wouldn't have it any other way.
by | Introducing Streaming Media's own specialist superhero, a champion to inspire readers to create great online video.
by | The future looks bright for streaming media content providers in their fight for consumers' attention.
by | Industry leaders agree that this is the year enterprise video moves beyond ‘ego-casting' and training.
by | From Apple TV to Roku, there's no shortage of connected devices on the market. But will the lack of standardization doom them all to failure?
by | Our annual test of the leading desktop encoding programs.
by | We saw a variety of important portable devices launched in 2010. Here's who won and who lost the portable video race.
by | As more ad networks appear on the scene, with better solutions that are easier to use, advertisers are opening their pocketbooks.
by | Video is no longer novel on college campuses. While video's not quite as ubiquitous as textbooks, it's getting there.
by | 2010 saw consolidation, and 2011 promises to be a watershed year for video metadata and search.
by | Consolidation continues across all sectors of the streaming industry, and a major IPO is scuttled.
by | From ABR to Zeri, here's what you need to know to get started with your streaming server.
by | Not all OVPs are alike. Here's a look at what they all have in common, as well as differentiating features.
by | From consumer tools all the way up to broadcast-grade solutions, the choices for webcasting technologies are almost endless.
by | What do the Apple iPad, BitTorrent, and the Roku XDS have in common? They're all winners in our book.
by | With Google's announcement that it's dropping H.264 support in Chrome in favor of WebM, it's time to start looking at the format. Here's a look at how to get the best WebM quality.
by | When we're at the point where all encoders work just as well, how do we measure quality? From PSNR to SSIM to ‘golden eyes,' here's a look at how video quality can be assessed.
by | Companies are realizing the power of social media and video and are desperately trying to figure out how to implement them into their existing businesses.
by | A look at key developments that shaped the HTML5 platform, as well as practical and technical resources to help you implement HTML5 Video
by | The activist corporate pranksters/video producers embrace peer-to-peer distribution for their film The Yes Men Fix the World.
iStreamPlanet, Switch Communications, and Intel Corp. teamed up to deliver an outstanding online media experience for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.
by | A mashup of lecture and distance learning improves student performance.
by | Jobnob's Ivy Plus Job Fair was a win-win for employers and recruits.
by | MediaPlatform helped one of Canada's largest event companies take control of its webcasts.
by | Leading interactive agency advances next generation of Adobe TV to discerning creative audiences.
by | The interactive, complementary Grammy webcast drew a huge audience and boosted TV views to boot.