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Rovi Research Sees Strong Growth for Connected TV Advertising
Rovi and Parks Associates find enthusiastic use of connected TV features, as well as a desirable demographic.

Connected TV use is up and the people using connected TVs form an attractive demographic for advertisers. Those were some of the findings in "Connected TV Environments: The Next Iteration of TV Advertising," a white paper from Parks Associates. The paper highlights study data commissioned by Rovi and conducted by Parks Associates.

The purpose of the whitepaper is to investigate a new area of advertising created by the rising use of connected TVs. Parks Associates found that 55 percent of all homes that have a connected TV have a household income of $75,000 or greater.

Parks Associates also noted high enthusiasm for connected features: 72 percent of all connected TV owners say it makes watching TV more convenient; 62 percent enjoyed TV-watching more thanks to their connected TV.

In the U.S., the study found that people use their connected TV mostly when they're unsure what the watch or when they have a program in mind, but don't know what channel it's on.

"These systems enable advertising to be integrated into device navigation and content search, engaging consumers at a point of high receptivity and enabling them to immerse themselves in a rich brand experience," says Heather Way, senior research analyst for Parks Associates. "As a result, over 50 percent of U.S. connected-TV households surveyed by Rovi consider these ads as content, containing useful and valuable information, and they are much more likely to remember and click on these ads."

The Parks Associates research looked at homes that had either a connected TV or a connected Blu-ray Player. 

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