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Wowza, Haivision, Telestream, Highwinds: Multi-screen Delivery
Looking to serve on-demand or live video to multiple platforms and devices? Four experts share tips in a webinar.
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In a webinar hosted by entitled Best Practices for Effective Multi-screen Delivery, experts from Wowza, Haivision, Telestream, and Highwinds shared tips for getting positive results.

David Stubenvoll, the CEO and cofounder of Wowza Media Systems, started things off by presenting a chart of the variables a broadcaster needs to consider before streaming. He told viewers to consider whether they were streaming live or on-demand, and explained how to tailor their system to the results they wanted to achieve.

Diving into specifics, Stubenvoll explained the best encoding profiles to use for different scenarios, why keyframe alignment is crucial for adaptive bitrate streaming, and how many renditions to use for adaptive streaming.

Speaking for Haivision, which has recently acquired KulaByte, Chris Gottschalk, vice president of technology, said that it was useful to think about what mobile devices would give broadcasters the best results for their money.

Apple iOS and Google Android devices were the primary mobile platforms to support, Gottschalk said, and Roku support was also heavily in demand. He didn't see any customer interest in streaming to the BlackBerry, Boxee, or Google TV platforms.

Addressing live video streaming, Kevin Louden, product manager for Telestream, explained when broadcasters would need a live production truck and when a software-based solution would do the job. Wirecast, he said, could create titles, support multiple cameras, create green screen effects, and archive a high-quality master for video-on-demand.

Finally, Josh Gagliardi, chief technology officer at Highwinds, was on-hand to explain the roll of the content delivery network (CDN). He offered several best practices, including how to plan for a rapidly-changing environment, that H.264 with AAC audio and the HD aspect ratio were taking over, and that it's important to measure results during a broadcast event.

During the question-and-answer session, audience members asked about cloud-computing, integrating with OVPs and CDNs, adaptive versus variable bitrate, and whether or not a CDN could improve streaming performance within a geographic region.

The webinar will be archived and available for viewing for 90 days. Free registration is required.

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