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AOL: Embrace Fragmentation, Syndication in Online Video
In his Streaming Media East second-day keynote, Ran Harnevo of AOL urged the audience to get their videos shown on the widest variety of sites and devices. View the entire keynote here.

The second-day of the Streaming Media East conference in New York City kicked off with a keynote address by Ran Harnevo, AOL's senior vice president (formerly the co-founder and CEO of 5min Media).

The commitment that AOL is making to video was evident throughout Harnevo's presentation. According to March 2011 Comscore results, AOL Video is the second most trafficked video platform, after YouTube.

In his keynote, Harnevo laid out the case for a syndication model, versus only having a single destination for videos:

“Content may be king but the audience is the ace,” stated Harnevo.

With over 4 billion screens produced worldwide last year, the spread of devices and infrastructure means content owners must embrace fragmentation, focus on curation, and build a frictionless product, he said.

Scroll down to view the entire keynote address. Download Harnevo's presentation here.

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