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December 06, 2017

Featured Articles
How to Choose and Use Objective Video Quality Benchmarks
If you're not using a video quality measurement tool, you're behind the curve. Here's a look at the most popular tools and how they work.
Roundup: Simple and Affordable Videoconferencing Solutions
If you perform enough interviews for live streaming, before long you'll want to interview someone who's not at your location. For this roundup, we tested three videoconferencing solutions: vMix Call, Telestream Wirecast Rendezvous, and NewTek TalkShow.
3 Tips for Educators Getting Started With Video Lectures
Recording classroom lectures offers a host of benefits over delivering them live. Here's how instructors can ensure they get the best results.
Online Video News
YouTube Will Grow Video Moderation Team to Over 10,000 in 2018
The leading video destination was plagued by multiple content scandals this year. Will an increase in moderation assuage advertisers?
YouTube Unveils Reels, a Stories Format for its Creators
YouTube's Community tab is now available to creators with over 10,000 subscribers, and they can communicate with fans using quick vertical videos.
Amazon Expands Rekognition Image Detection Service to Video
With this cloud service, developers can build face, object, and action recognition into systems that work with stored or live video.
Short Cuts
Video: Will AV1 Eclipse HEVC?
Mozilla's Timothy Terriberry, Brightcove's David Sayed, and Twitch's Tarek Amara debate the future of streaming codecs at Streaming Media West 2017.
Video: How Important is Ingesting Clean Video to Reducing Latency?
NASA's Lee Erickson explains the value of ingesting a clean signal into an encoder to reducing latency after output.
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