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November 29, 2017

Featured Articles
Apple Got It Wrong: Encoding Specs for HEVC in HLS
Adding HEVC to your HLS streams is looking like a no brainer, but if you decide to do so, you may not want to take Apple's HEVC encoding recommendations verbatim. You'll deliver noticeably higher quality video if you follow the advice detailed below.
HEVC in HLS: How Does It Affect Device Performance?
If you're adding HEVC to your HLS video, you're likely concerned about the playback frame rate and battery live on the iPhones, iPads, and computers to which you're delivering. We tested a range of devices, and found the CPU impact to be negligible on most of them.
Online Video News
Adobe Sees Massive TV Everywhere Growth From Single Sign-On
When pay TV subscribers don't need to hunt for their authentication credentials, they watch more TVE content. A lot more, Adobe reports.
AWS Elemental Announces 5 Services to Streamline Video Workflows
Spend less time creating or managing infrastructure and more time innovating, touts AWS. Its services simplify live and on-demand streaming.
Majority of Viewers Expect Problems in OTT Sports Streams
According to a survey by YouGov, sponsored by Phenix, nearly three-quarters of fans expect some sort of issue, whether buffering, delays, poor picture quality, or even complete service loss.
Short Cuts
Video: Is WebRTC the Silver Bullet for Network Latency?
Streaming Video Alliance's Jason Thibeault and Limelight's Charley Thomas address the question of whether WebRTC provides a viable solution for network latency issues in this panel from Live Streaming Summit.
Video: Is Apple's HEVC Support a Game-Changer for Content Providers?
Bitmovin's Stefan Lederer and Twitch's Tarek Amara discuss the changing market dynamics of HEVC in the current codec climate.
Industry News
Integration Optimizes the Utilization of Existing Bandwidth on Enterprise Networks for Enhanced Video Streaming Experience
With OTT streaming video services predicted to reach 333.2 million global subscriptions by 2019, Taplytics aims to bring A/B testing and optimization to popular TV apps.
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