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August 02, 2017

Featured Articles
Online Video Publishers Take a Hard Pivot at 2017 Newfronts
This year's newfront presentations marked a shift in thinking by online video publishers. They're not going to create series that win against Netflix, so they'd better focus on what works.
Beyond TCP: Meet the Next Generation of Transport Protocols
Lower latency while increasing reliability: That's the promise of alternate transmission protocols that expand on TCP or simply replace it as the streaming transmission champ.
AV1 and Legal Challenges: Does the Codec Have a Future?
Some of the best minds in the streaming industry say AV1 will be challenged by infringement claims, but some of the best minds could be wrong.
Online Video News
Discovery Buys Scripps for $11.9B, Looks for Online Muscle
With the pay TV/OTT ecosystems in flux, cable channel providers look for new ways to make sure their brands are relevant to younger viewers.
Comcast Talks Xfinity Instant TV, Which May Appear Later in 2017
A revamped version of the company's Comcast Stream service could go for $15 per month, but top execs are skeptical about OTT.
Imagine Report Sees Momentum on Move to Unified Distribution
A report from Imagine Communications lists the top objections broadcasters have to a unified HTTP distribution system, but the company sees increased interest.
Short Cuts
Video: How Does the Rise of Facebook Live Affect Other Streaming Platforms?
Tribune Media's Rob Dillon and Dailymotion's Claudia Page discuss the impact of Facebook Live and other ascendant social streaming platforms on their content delivery strategies.
Video: Best Practices and Key Considerations for Reducing Latency
Wowza Senior Product Manager Jamie Sherry discusses key latency considerations and ways to address them at every stage in the content creation and delivery workflow.
Industry News
KeyOS Platform’s Multi-DRM Support Enables the Best User Experience On Today’s Popular User Platforms
NewVR portfolio, including the world’s first professional wearable VR PC, makes HP the partner of choice forimmersive customer experiences
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