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August 29, 2016

Featured Articles
Not All Enterprise Video Delivery Systems Are Created Equal
A look at the varied approaches to delivering video in the corporate environment, including wi-fi, WebRTC, software-defined networking, and software-defined enterprise content delivery networks
Online Video News
Panopto Takes $42.8M in Funding Round, Will Simplify Software
Capturing institutional video and streaming live events is still too challenging for many, and that's something Panopto plans to fix with this investment.
NBC Awards Self Gold Medal for Rio Olympic Games Coverage
2016 marks the year that viewers chose streaming over broadcast: Linear ratings were down, but live and on-demand streaming showed a big jump.
Operators Look for Acquisitions to Drive OTT Growth: ABI Research
The current wave of acquisitions and consolidation is all about going to market faster with new over-the-top services. That leaves smaller players scrambling.
Globosat, NET, and Elemental Team to Stream Olympics in Brazil
Brazilian pay TV provider/broadcaster Globosat and pay TV/broadband provider NET are both using Elemental Technologies solutions to make the 2016 Rio Olympics the "most connected games in history."
Short Cuts
Video: The Future of CDN: An End-to-End Ecosystem
Streaming Media EVP Dan Rayburn discusses the shifting emphasis in the CDN market from delivering bits to providing a complete ecosystem.
Video: The Pros and Cons of a Multi-CDN Strategy
Streaming Media EVP Dan Rayburn discusses why using multiple CDNs make sense for some content owners and not for others.
Industry News
Next-gen automation and redundancy enhancements improve operational efficiency and expand Versio¹s ability to fully exploit geo-dispersed and virtualized playout environments
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