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March 02, 2015

Featured Articles
The New York Times Shows How to Build a Chromecast Application
When it came time to share its videos with multiplatform viewers, the Times developed for Chromecast first. Here's what it learned.
Cisco: Why Employees Get Lost in the Woods with Enterprise Video
While creating an in-house video system is valuable, be sure to offer some policy governance at the same time to manage employees' experiences.
Endemol Talks Online Brand-Building: Start With Clear Objectives
There are many different tools that media properties could use in online video campaigns, but first they need to be clear about their goals.
Online Video News
Aereo Assets Raise $2 Million at Auction, TiVo Gets the Trademark
The startup's creditors and investors can't be happy: Aereo's bankruptcy auction pulls in far less that the $4 million it was hoping for.
Akamai's Cellular Video Solution Now in Trials With 5 Carriers
Using predictive analysis, Akamai downloads personally selected HD videos to subscriber devices using off-peak traffic.
Live Online Video Viewing Grew 297% in 2014, Finds FreeWheel
Living room devices are now more popular than tablets for long-form video, and viewers are waiting longer to catch up with favorite shows.
Vimeo Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement With Machinima
Top Machinima creators will sell exclusive content through Vimeo on Demand in exchange for dedicated funding.
Industry News
Float Left Interactive, a leader in Roku channel development and TV application solutions, and Food Matters a world-leader in the health & wellness space, today announced the launch of FMTV, an on-demand video streaming service dedicated to getting people
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