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February 18, 2015

Featured Articles
Frost & Sullivan Shows the Appeal of HEVC Across the Industry
While all players agree on the value of moving ahead with HEVC, they see getting different benefits coming from its widespread adoption.
Securing Mobile Video a Challenge for Even the Biggest Enterprises
Why did a practitioner from a company implementing an enterprise video platform give a presentation on enterprise mobile video when it doesn't support mobile yet? Because a lot of companies are in the same position—securing mobile video is challenging
Akamai: How MSE, EME, and WebCrypto Will Join to Kill Flash
When these three technologies are used together, they create a player development environment that works across a wide range of devices.
Online Video News
PeerApp Debuts Mobile Video and OTT Acceleration Solution
With mobile video viewing increasing at a fast rate, PeerApp offers a solution that puts content acceleration at the edge of mobile networks.
Haivision Intros Media Gateway, Low-Cost Satellite Alternative
The gateway can aggregate and replicate multiple live streams, and is aimed at enterprises, broadcasters, and houses of worship.
Sling TV Launches, Offers 13 Streaming Channels for $20 Per Month
Aimed at millennials, Sling TV is the first OTT bundle on the market. Add-on packages let subscribers tailor the service to their interests.
Industry News
Funding supports further global expansion and establishing of European and North American offices.
Covers key functionality at center of content monetization, helping MVPDs deploy flexible advertising architectures
JW Player plugin for VIP allows publishers to stream, publish, and monetize video with the JW Player through a simple one-click activation
Deal grants Sling TV live and Video-On-Demand multi-stream rights
Distribution and Co-Production Launch Partner
ViewLift Joins SnagFilms Family, Leveraging Years of Domain Experience and Strong Relationships to Help Brands Reach Consumers and Advertisers on Streaming Video Devices
Free Streaming Movie and TV Service Offers Hours of Family Entertainment
Amazon Fire TV selection up 5x since launch
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