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June 16, 2014

Featured Articles
Don't Buy That UHD TV: It May Go Obsolete Faster Than You Think
Different encoding profiles and color issues mean that today's UHD sets won't play tomorrow's content. Buyers, avoid a costly mistake.
2014 World Cup: the Perfect Match of Audience, Content, and Digital
The key to success for tentpole live events lies not just in the event itself, but in building a compelling experience around it
How to Develop a Viable 4K Production Workflow
Since the NAB conference in April, 4K workflow options have swelled. Here's a look at the hardware, recording media, and codecs needed to produce and stream 4K video.
Online Video News
Crunchyroll Acquires Redux for Video Discovery Expertise
The anime video site wants to help viewers find content and enjoy the viewing experience, so it acquired some outside help.
Sony Set-Top Box Coming to North America in the Fall
A mini-console, the Sony PlayStation TV will stream older titles from a cloud-based gaming service, and give access to music, movies, and TV shows.
Google Chromecast Usage on the Decline: Parks Associates
After the initial buzz has worn off, Chromecast owners decide they'd rather stream with a game console or set-top box.
Industry News
Powered by the NeuLion TV Everywhere Platform, Univision Deportes enhances the delivery of live content for authenticated viewers across multiple devices
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