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October 23, 2013

Featured Articles
BitTorrent Recruits Testers for Live Video Platform
The long-awaited BitTorrent Live is now in beta and promises significant cost savings for small businesses serving video.
How Online Video Makes Money for Colleges and Universities
Besides being a useful teaching tool, online video is a money-maker at educational institutions. Learn how to get the most out if it.
Ramp Explains How to Give New Life to Older Videos
Understanding a video's context is important to driving traffic to it, but that context can shift in time. In the right context, even old videos can seem fresh.
Online Video News
Level 3 On Pace to Overtake Limelight as #2 CDN Based on Revenue
Level 3's CDN revenue has been growing by 30% or more—double the industry average—for the last three years, and the company is poised to take in $130 million in CDN revenue in 2013
Kaltura Creates a Guide for Video Management on Campus
Video assets on campus are booming, but few institutions have a video management strategy, says Kaltura.
Yuvad Releases Three 1U Encoding Solutions for Advertising
The Yuvision line includes three configurations, and is targeted at OTT customers streaming real-time or on-demand video.
Industry News
New Application Supports Transparent Caching of Unmanaged Video Content
New optional modules add range of functionality to enable creation of deliverables compliant with DPP interchange standards including AVC-Intra encoding; AS-11 MXF support; and incorporation of metadata formatted to DPP requirements.
Industry-First Feature Brings TV-Like Ad Buying To Programmatic Video Advertising
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