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August 29, 2012

Featured Articles
Studios Push Blu-Ray for the Holidays, but Disc's Time Is Ending
The major studios are making a concerted effort to sell classic movies on Blu-ray, but streaming is rapidly taking over from optical discs.
How to Encode for Apple iOS Devices
Jan Ozer explains how to get video on Apple's mobile devices in this hour-long presentation.
Wall Street Journal: Online Series Finding Mainstream Success
AOL, My Damn Channel, Vevo, and CBS Interactive look at how original web series are crossing over and appealing to a larger audience.
Prudential, Intel, and Oracle Talk Enterprise Live Video Events
While the employees creating live events want HD resolutions and large audiences, that's not necessarily what they get.
Online Video News
Digitalsmiths Adds Custom Search Results and Recommendations Tool
Business Rules Engine lets content providers selectively promote content to targeted groups of viewers.
Envivio Releases Envivio Muse On-Demand 3.50 Transcoding Software
Internal testing finds the software offers improved video transcoding time and quality.
July Video Rankings: Facebook Takes Second Spot, After Google
Following a June online video ad high of over 11B views, ads tumble to 9.6B in July.
Industry News
Mariner xVu is One of the Industry's First IPTV Monitoring Solutions to Support the Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV Platform
Maximizes video monetization windows with advanced transactional capabilities
Interra Baton File-based QC and Envivio Muse(TM) On-Demand Transcoder Optimize Quality of VOD Assets
DVEO is now shipping their new continuous streamer and VOD (video-on-demand) media server. The Infinity Streamer™ streams multiple HLS video files, plus audio files, from the on board .5 TB drive, with scheduled playlists. DVEO will demonstrate the new
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