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August 06, 2012

Featured Articles
Break Media Finds Big Bucks in Buffoons and Babes
The Break Media websites — including — attract 120 million visitors each month by aggressively courting a young male demographic.
How Cox Communications Streams Video Live and On-Demand to Apps
When Cox started streaming to devices, it had to work within strict limitations. Nonetheless, it had a quarter-million downloads in only four months.
The 2012 Streaming Media Game Changers
We take a mid-year look at the mergers and acquisitions, fragmentation, and game-changing trends that will disrupt the entire streaming media industry.
Why Bell Canada Entered the CDN Market and What it Learned
Launching a CDN is becoming a more attractive option for many companies as a way to control costs and provide additional services.
AOL's Triple-Pronged Approach to Online Video
AOL is climbing back on top, and quality online video (some of it created by Heidi Klum and Mark Burnett) is helping get it there.
Note to Olympic Whiners: This Is What NBC Does
Enough with the complaining, enough with the hashtags. We've seen all this before and it's not going to change.
Online Video News
Apple is Lining Up a Sneak Attack on Television, Says Brightcove
Using AirPlay technology and dual-screen apps, Apple will create a new television experience that works any set -- all driven by the iPad.
Netflix Pays out $9M for Class-Action Lawsuit, Changes Privacy
The big winners are the suit's lawyers and a few unnamed charities, but mostly the lawyers.
Tremor Finds Bigger Videos Lead to Higher Completion Rates
For improved ad performance, try a bigger video player. Viewers are more likely to complete and engage with bigger ads.
Industry News
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