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November 28, 2011

Featured Articles
Android vs. iOS: A Video and Flash Comparison
The mobile video viewing experience should be better on Android than iOS, right? We see how it measures up on a Toshiba Thrive tablet.
CFF: One Format to Rule Them All?
The move towards MPEG DASH and the fragmented MP4 (fMP4) common file format may finally offer DVD-like interoperability for web video
Online Video News
Can You Stream It? This Site Answers the Question
A new site searches Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and others to answer the question vexing many an online video fan
EZWebPlayer Plans Live and HD Versions for Early 2012
Plans to make live and HD video as affordable as it has standard definition streaming.
What Is ...
What is MPEG DASH?
MPEG DASH is the latest hot topic in the online video space. Here we break down what it is, and what its implications might be for video delivery in the future.
Industry News
Enterprises testing a new cloud-based video on demand (VOD) technology from MediaPlatform, coupled with a Riverbed® Steelhead® wide area network (WAN) optimization solution, have seen an 80 percent reduction in Internet bandwidth consumption over other VO
Multi-screen technology innovator partners with the leading cloud platform to enable TV without boundaries
MENA's Largest Satellite TV Provider Chooses KIT digital to Provide Advanced Over-the-Top VoD and Live TV Platform
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