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March 23, 2011

Featured Articles
AT&T and T-Mobile: What's Behind the Deal?
The proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger is more than just a quick way to leverage new technologies and grow AT&T's subscriber base: It could have a serious impact on HD video streaming growth.
Highwinds, Adobe, Microsoft, and Conviva Teach Live Streaming
Four industry heavyweights offered advice and the voice of experience in an online master class.
Online Video News
Video Rankings for February: Vevo Takes a Tumble
Is the U.S. tired of online music videos? Or was February just a slow month for new songs?
Adtech Becomes Ad-Serving Partner of Playwire
Adtech's platform will keep online video monetization simple for small- and medium-sized businesses.
What Is ...
What is a Codec?
If you're going to understand online video, you need to understand codecs. Here's a high-level look at what codecs are, as well as the variety of codecs relevant to streaming media.
What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?
A definition and history of the content delivery network, as well as a look at the current CDN market landscape
What is HTML5?
An explanation of HTML5 and HTML5 Video, including history, patent issues, and current use by Apple, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, and others.
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