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September 01, 2010

Featured Articles
Analysis: Would Skype Vault Cisco into Streaming?
Rumors are flying that Skype's IPO might be pre-empted by an offer from Cisco. What would such an acquisition mean for the ever-growing "human network"?
Voting Now Open for 2010 Readers' Choice Awards
More than 200 companies, products, or services have been nominated. Now it's your turn to vote.
Online Video News
Comcast Actions Attract Justice Department Inquiry
Could the company lock up distribution of NBC content? And how would that impact the industry?
YouTube to Begin Offering PPV Movies
Move could offer consumers premium movies timed to the DVD release date.
Adap.TV Partners with AdAdvisor to Support Brand Impact Suite
Partnership brings thorough consumer data that advertisers can use to target the right audience.
Industry News
More Engaging Experiences for All Audience Sizes and Game-Changing Unlimited Use Pricing Model Usher in New Era of Webcasting
Groundbreaking Technology Optimizes Video Output Without Disrupting Network Resources
On-the-fly DRM encryption, automated multicast push, and WebM live streaming to be included in WMS2
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