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Streaming Media Magazine: June/July 2007
Readers respond to April/May 2007 Editor's Note
by | 7 online video myths and how to bust them
by | P2P is much more than a means of distributing stolen content. It enables content owners to slash content delivery costs, and those cost savings grow exponentially when delivering long-form video content.
by | The proliferation of new media channels presents an interesting conundrum: How will consumers be able to afford all these new services?
by | How to deal with the progressive vs. interlaced dilemma
Without a doubt, the Cisco/WebEx combination will do far more to transform the online video space than Google's acquisition of YouTube, even if it takes a while for its effects to be felt.
by | The choice between progressive download and streaming must be made based on sound business logic as well as technical considerations.
by | What content owners are thinking about new approaches to delivering content from the internet to the television.
by | Just because Flash Video has leapt to the forefront of consumer content delivery doesn't mean it's time to abandon all other formats within the academy.
by | Microsoft has released updated codecs and enhanced access to Windows Media-related encoding parameters that enable streaming publishers to improve the quality of Windows Media Video. Should you make the switch?
by | Adobe Media Player and Microsoft Silverlight take online video into a new territory.
by | The Callisto-P proves to be a solid, six-input composite mixer.
by | Whether you were a content publisher or a technology geek, there was a palpable sense that Streaming Media East was the place to be this year.