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Conviva Releases Ad Insights Tool for Real-Time Ad Monitoring
Ad delivery problems can lead to major revenue losses. That's why Conviva is launching a service that monitors ad performance.
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Branching into ad monitoring, video optimization specialist Conviva has announced Conviva Ad Insights, a service for monitoring ad performance in real-time and correcting issues that occur.

Problems that Ad Insights can identify include ads that don't play or play at low quality. In developing this service, Conviva learned that a pre-roll ad delay of up to 5 seconds will lead to 13.6 percent of viewers abandoning a video. It also saw quality issues on 8 percent of video ads due to ads being sent with incorrect bitrates.

Ad blockers are a significant problem for publishers, as their use interrupted up to 40 percent of ad requests in some implementations, Conviva said. Also, 3.1 percent of video ads simply failed to start.

Correcting ad performance issues lets publishers reduce errors that lead to lost revenue, Conviva says. The service offers both real-time and historic views, and can send alerts when problems, such as high buffering rates, are detected.

“Conviva Ad Insights provides the granular data publishers need to solve ad creative delivery and workflow problems," says Bill Demas, Conviva's CEO. "Ad Insights enables them to optimize each ad break’s placement, position, duration, and frequency to grow ad revenue. With Conviva, publishers are now able to continuously monitor every second of every ad and receive real-time reporting across 11 core metrics. Many metrics are exclusively provided by Ad Insights, and include failures, bitrates, buffering, user abandonment, and more for client and server-side ad delivery.”

Conviva declined to discuss pricing for the service.

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