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JW Player Offers Free Apple TV App Creator to All Customers
Even free JW Player users can access the Apple TV App Builder, making a tvOS app that's ready for final approval in only one day.

Not only is creating an Apple TV app simple with the JW Player Apple TV App Builder, the video player company promises, it's free, as well. The tool is available to all JW Platform customers, even those using the free version. No coding is required and there's only minimal configuration. In about 24 hours, content creators can develop their own app for fourth generation Apple TV boxes, then send it off to Apple for approval.

The Apple TV App Builder works with a developer's JW Player Dashboard, which populates the content. HLS videos, titles, descriptions and images are automatically delivered to the app's playlist. Content owners are able to customize the design and branding. They can view basic video analytics through the JW Player dashboard.

To promote the app builder, JW Player worked with Tasting Table, a food lifestyle brand. The company has a library of over 250 videos, and created 30 more each month for its community of over 8 million members. Tasting Table had its tvOS app finished and ready for approval is less than a day.

“JW Player’s Apple TV App Builder allowed us to go from no tvOS presence to a fully-branded app ready for final approval by Apple overnight, with only minimal resources required from our in-house team,” says Rohit Gupta, director of product for

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