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YuMe Acquires Crowd Science for Improved Audience Targeting
The online advertiser will be able to offer brands improved online video ad targeting and reach, thanks to Crowd Science technology.

In a move meant to strengthen it's audience targeting and reach, online video advertising company YuMe has acquired Crowd Science for an undisclosed price. Crowd Science owns an audience targeting and measurement platform called Citrus. According to a YuMe statement, Citrus will build on the abilities of YuMe's own targeting tool, Audience Amplifier, providing both improved reach and targeting for multiple devices. The goal is lets brand advertisers target more audience segments with their ads, and to offer them richer analytics on viewers.

YuMe sought out the Citrus platform because it targets segments with a combination of survey, behavioral, and contextual information. That results in improved reach and reliable audience measurement. Finding receptive viewers for a brand's message means using cutting-edge data-science and audience modeling, notes YuMe.

Besides the Citrus platform, YuMe is gaining the Crowd Science team, which YuMe says will enhance its engineering and marketing research. In the company's four years, it has created over 850 brand-focused audience segments encompassing over 165 million users, says YuMe.

"We've been laser-focused on enhancing audience measurement, modeling, and targeting, and Crowd Science will be the perfect complement to our data science group that's been driving that effort," says Jayant Kadambi, co-founder and CEO of YuMe.

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