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Verimatrix nTitleMe Is New Name for Akamai Authentication Tech
Promising a frictionless sign-on experience for both consumers and providers, Verimatrix rebrands Akamai Identity Services.

Content security and revenue enhancement company Verimatrix announced a new name for the TV Everywhere authentication technology it acquired from Akamai in October 2018. Formerly known as Akamai Identity Services, it's now called Verimatrix nTitleMe.

nTitleMe is designed to solve the often vexing viewing issue of signing it for supported TV Everywhere services. As company COO Mike Kleiman notes in a blog post, problems occur when pay TV subscribers forget their passwords or when the sign-in system won't remember passwords. And authentication software can be just as frustrating for video service operators. Setting up the technology might require creating time-consuming integrations with multiple providers.

Verimatrix's newly renamed tech uses open standards to create a frictionless experience for viewers and providers. While it can be used by itself, it can also work with the company's Viewthority platform to gain audience analytics across devices and platforms.

"Imagine having a comprehensive view of household viewing behavior—from the traditional pay TV subscription, the operator’s multichannel app, and all the TVE authenticated content," Kleiman writes. "Visibility across all of these outlets will not only show shifts in behavior, but also provide insights into these shifts and help make better decisions based on the story the data provides."

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